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10 Sustainable Shoe Brands

10 Sustainable Shoe Brands

When slow fashion takes over, it takes over it all.

Not just clothing, slow fashion works for all things in style. Be it shoes or any other accessories, fashion brands are revolutionizing it all.

Sustainability is ready to be done ‘en vogue and we are here to help you know more about it with yet another list of sustainable brands for accessories such as shoes and more.

Here’s our list of Top 10 Sustainable Accessories Fashion Brands

  1. Veo



Veo is number 1 on this list for a reason, it encompasses it all. Designer, Sustainable, Affordable, and Chic is what Veo is all about. It has had a tremendous impact on the slow fashion industry and continues to make us fall in love with sustainable products every day. Looking for stylish and fashionable footwear or apparel, Veo has it all for you.

Shop sustainable here: https://veo.world/

  1. TOMS



Toms is yet another known and successfully sustainable accessories brand that we have been crushing on for a long. They specialize in vegan shoes and we love how comfortable those are, quality is top-notch at TOMS and they are a customer-driven brand which are two things we adore about this brand.

The designs are all we could ask for, go check them out for yourself here: https://www.toms.com/

  1. Thesus Outdoors



When it comes to stepping out in style, we believe in choosing Thesus over everything because they never go wrong with comfort and their products are the perfect blend of sustainability, creativity, and style and we are loving it. The shoes are magnificent, and appropriate for every outdoor activity you can imagine. So, trek on with Thesus, shop here: https://thesusoutdoors.com/

  1. Able



Able is enabling us to think sustainable through the variety of sustainable products they provide, as its motto: it’s moving fashion-forward. Able is all about the best innovations in the fashion industry and we’re ready for it. They make sustainability easy and fun, they have all kinds of accessories one may need. Find everything up from shoes, sandals, heels to bags, and more.

Keep up with the fashion race, shop exclusively here: https://www.ableclothing.com/

  1. Curiuma



Curiuma is all into being ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly. With their initiative to plant trees per purchase, they have won our hearts and they can win yours with the amazing collection of vegan and sustainable shoes and skates that you must check out!

We love the prints, the designs, and styles, our favorite have to be the converse, find yours here: https://cariuma.com/

  1. Earth Shoes



Earth Shoes has been all about a revolution in fashion and we’re bracing ourselves for what they bring out next because they never fail to impress. The coolest and the quirkiest shoes can be found in their shops and websites, we love the colors and tons. These products set the right mood and make us want to step out.

We know you’ll love them as much, check their products here: https://earthshoes.com/

  1. Allbirds



Allbirds perfectly uses all resources. The products are made from trees and from nature, for the people. Allbirds have the right shoes for every occasion and they suit us all. We’re in love with sneakers, you’ll love something too!

There are suited for the climate shoes, runner shoes, sports shoes, sandals and so much more for you to check out here: https://www.allbirds.co.uk/

  1. Vivaia



If you’re still wondering what shoes fit your Cinderella feet, Vivaia is here to help and produces shoes that fit you better whilst working perfectly for the environment. Vivaia specializes in work footwear and was everything we needed.


Find your matching pairs exclusively at affordable prices and find the most stylish ones here: https://www.vivaiacollection.com/

  1. Nisolo



The master of ethical and fair trade is the best part of our list. Nisolo aims to satisfy us and the environment hand in hand and we’ve got to give it to them, they do an impressive job at it and you must check it out for yourself. Their collection of footwear is our favorite one out there and the way the shoes compliment each of our outfits perfectly is a dream come true.

Try them out here: https://nisolo.com/

  1. Rothy’s



We can’t seem to get enough of Rothy’s and we don’t think you’ll either because the options are endless and all of them are some of the best, we approve.

These are washable shoes of the most amazing quality and they seem to get better with every next design we’re ready to have all the fun.

Flaunting their sneakers and sandals is our favorite thing to do, it’ll be yours too, shop Rothy’s here: https://rothys.com/

We never thought something as cool as sustainable shoes would be trending in the fashion market but it’s been the classics since along. If you didn’t think you could go sustainable, we hope this changed your mind and this is your sign.

Every product now has a better, sustainable alternative that you should go for and try out for yourself.

Buy from these amazing brands and don’t put breaks on your journey of being sustainable. We hope to meet you at every step and make this a tad bit easier.


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