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15 UK Sustainable Fashion Blogs You Need in Your Life

15 UK Sustainable Fashion Blogs You Need in Your Life

Fashion and Sustainability have come to a long way hand in hand and continue to do so as the world incorporates ways to promote sustainable and slow fashion. While slow fashion may seem new to people, it has been in the industry for a long time and in basic terms, chooses to focus on all the impacts the fashion industry has on the environment and develop ideas through which the negative impact of fashion can be reduced.

Different people have been promoting this idea of fashion with the help of various blogs, especially in the UK, and it's high time we incorporate some of these ideas in the way we understand fashion, we bring to you 15 Sustainable Fashion Blogs that you need to know about.

  1. The Sustainable Edit


Jen Brownlie, the founder of The Sustainable Edit is one of the most famous bloggers, who believes in simplifying wardrobe and living a more sustainable life and shares about the same with her audience. She started blogging about fast fashion itself but realized there is so much more meaning slow, sustainable fashion. She has a simple approach to the sustainable lifestyle and it’s very inspiring.

  1. Literally Nataly

Nataly Elbaz Björklund is a sustainable fashion blogger who believes in positively contributing towards the fashion industry and focuses on a conscious lifestyle and believes something as luxurious as fashion can also be ethical and sustainable. She shares reviews of various sustainable brands promoting sustainable accessories and jewelleries and more.

  1. Ruth MacGlip

Ruth MacGlip is an activist and a blogger, a content creator who promotes fashion sustainability, vegan beauty products, and more. She mainly collaborates with slow fashion brands and promotes the idea of ethical fashion. She’s recently working with the organization Fashion Revolution which is an NGO fighting toward improvement in the fashion industry.

  1. Beatrice Turner

Beatrice Turner is a Brazilian fashion blogger based in the UK. She promotes second-hand shopping and other ideas which represent the slow and sustainable fashion. She shares information about brands that promote different sustainable fashion styles such as activewear and casual wear. She also provides styling tips and ways in which people can be extra-conscious when it comes to fashion.

  1. Signe Hansen


Signe Hansen is a UK based style coach who promotes the idea of rewearing while promoting slow and sustainable fashion. Her idea is to reduce the impact fashion may have on the environment by promoting “less is more” and she creates digital content and blogs for the same.

  1. Honestly Mili

Mili is a fashion blogger based in Edinburgh who writes blogs about the fashion revolution, and sustainable clothing and shares simple techniques with the help of which all of us can become knowledgeable about slow fashion and growing trends in the industry. She also promotes a budget-conscious idea when it comes to slow fashion which is usually expensive.

  1. Uppish

Uppish is a London-based Blog headed by Cameron who promotes thrifting and reusing outfits as many times as possible as her idea of sustainable fashion. They help find thrift stores in London and promote various fashion brands that support the same. Cameron also provides the audience with styling tips and information about the fashion industry in general through her blogs.

  1. Besmacc

Besma is an ethical and slow fashion blogger who believes in promoting what in fashion is good for the earth, for her, and all of us. She calls her blog, Curiously Conscious, a journal where she shares her lifestyle and ways in which slow fashion can be incorporated in people’s lives. She also founded a company that identifies and celebrates ethical creators who are doing good for the world and going sustainable called Ethical Influencers.

  1. Easy Peasy Sustainability

Farihah Chaudhury is a British-Indian blogger, she’s a health nutritionist by profession and is passionately promoting a sustainable lifestyle because of her love for fashion. She is unfiltered, honest, and real. She mainly shares information about sustainable fashion brands and resources that can help us lead a more sustainable life, especially in UK for her local audience and otherwise. Her blogs are effectively inspiring and she’s highly influential.

  1. Eva Millicentt


Eva Millicentt is a fashion blogger based in the UK known for the thrifted fashion style and she’s an advocate of second-hand clothing, especially for curvy bodies. She believes wearing second-hand clothes is a privilege and she’s usually found wearing and styling retro pieces prominently. She also has a hand-made jewelry brand called Groovy Bugs and her designs are absolutely gorgeous too. She’s definitely the one to check out if you’re also as excited about the retro-style like us.

  1. Phoebe Boateng


Phoebe Boateng is another fashion blogger on our list who we find absolutely chic because of how she uses second-hand clothing and gives it her modern touch, she’s known for her talent of finding the most elegant and stylish second-hand clothes and inspiring her audience to go sustainable and try vintage looks. She truly believes in using old clothes as new because they can be styled in so many different ways and this idea is what she promotes thoroughly with her Instagram account @pashun4fashun_

  1. Elinor Charlotte Bridge

Elinor Charlotte Bridge is one of a kind, fashion blogger based in North London. Her style is different and unique because of her idea of adding a pop of color in all of her outfits which makes her look chic and elegant while she experiments with all her sustainable outfits. Her Instagram account @elinorcharlotte is full of fun outfits that everyone needs to have a look at!

  1. Victoria Maus

Victoria Maus is an ethical content writer who has been promoting an ethical lifestyle since 2012 itself. It’s inspiring to see how she learned the art of sustainable sewing and has been promoting that and much more about incorporating sustainable fashion in our lives with the help of her super cute blog “Marvellous Mrs. Maus”. You can read about her here, https://marvellousmrsmaus.co.uk/ and get inspired just like we did. 

  1. StyleEyes


Ceri Heathcote is the cutest fashion blogger out there, just a very relatable person who has inspired us. She may or may not be known by a lot of you but we suggest you check out her for her honesty and sense of style that we find adorable. She’s also a surfer and believes in trying new things. She promotes charity shopping and ethical fashion. You can find her here @styleeyes on Instagram.

  1. Madeleine Olivia

Last but not the least, Madeleine Olivia is the content creator you need to know if you are looking for ways in which you can live a minimalistic and sustainable life. She shares cooking hacks and healthy recipes every now and then, she also shares ways in which people can design their rooms, can do gardening, and more, an actual life-changer when it comes to sustainable living. She may not constantly share fashion content that much but her style is definitely something to take inspiration from, she makes her audience feel all cozied-up and comfy. You can find her on Instagram and Youtube at @madeleineolivia.

As we come to the end of this blog, we want to emphasize the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly practices because we believe just like the ones mentioned above, you can also lead a healthy, sustainable, and fulfilling life by incorporating sustainable fashion into your daily lives. It can be challenging to adjust to but like said before, it’s the best way to give back to the environment and is extremely fulfilling.

Wastage of anything has never been beneficial, isn’t it so why waste the resources available to us. Let’s start afresh by participating in the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle and understanding the idea behind slow fashion and sustainability by following some of these sustainable fashion blogs as we come up with more, so stay tuned and stay eco-friendly.

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