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4 last minute Christmas gift combos to save the day

4 last minute Christmas gift combos to save the day

As much as we try, we always end up forgetting to buy Christmas gifts for some people. Maybe we forgot to add their names to our long list of shopping or their gift got lost in all the rush. Then all that's left to do is rush to the Mall and pick whatever you can get your hands on. More often than not, we end up buying basic stuff from Target or Walmart. Or we just stuff some gift cards and cash in an envelope and hope they don't mind. 

Psst... They do mind. 

But fret not, with quick online delivery at your fingertips, now you can buy thoughtful gifts even at the last moment. No more awkwardly handing your coworker a stick of deodorant picked up from the gas station. And no more judgemental looks from your off-the-block neighbour. With our last minute Christmas gift-giving guide, you've got access to awesome products that will make their jaw drop. 

(Take that, Susan!) 

But wait. That's not all. These gifts aren't just quick to be delivered. They're also ethically sourced, handcrafted, and sustainable. 

Now isn't that a double surprise! 

1. Scrunchy and headband combo

This is for your boss's wife who you had forgotten to invite to the Christmas party in the first place. But she's coming and you need a quick fix gift. 

What better than a combination of an ikat print scrunchy and matching multi-colored headband. Both the items are handcrafted from high quality designer offcuts. This doesn't just make them sturdy but also limited edition. With the colorful patterns, their hair will always look bright, no matter the weather. Both sport high-quality elastic, making them the perfect companion for their bad or good hair days. 

Comfortable, light and sassy, don't be alarmed if your boss's wife falls in love with you after this. 

2. Shoe bag and sunglass case combo 

We've all got that one rich relative who disappears for years in Eastern Europe only to show up, without informing, at the Christmas party. They're coming and you need to find something suitable for them. 

Trust us, our shoe bag and sunglass case combo will work perfectly for them. The drawstring shoe bag has been designed to keep all their precious footwear safe and organised while they travel across the world. The delectable patterns and quality cloth simply make it the best deal possible. 

The earth-friendly sunglass case has been engineered to fold flat when not in use. It's sturdy enough to protect all sunglasses yet light and stylish enough to carry around everywhere. 

Doesn't that sound like an amazing gift? 

3. Tote bag and card wallet combo

Remember that long lost friend who you end up meeting only once a year during the holidays? She carries her entire world in her super-stuffed purse but still can never seem to find the car keys when she needs them. 

Why not gift her our limited edition tote bag, handcrafted from exclusive designer offcuts. Gorgeous floral patterns with large ivory straps, a canvas inner lining, and a hidden pocket make it super easy to store everything inside. Add in a matching card wallet and she'll be elated! The card wallet can hold four cards and money. Moreover, it's got a transparent cover to make it easy to tap and pay on the go. 

4. Gift boxes for her and him

And then there are those connections who you don't really know that well. Since you don't know them, you always find it hard to pick the right present. 

Our exclusive gift boxes will do just the trick. In our curated gift box for her, we've added an A6 notebook made from recycled seed paper with beautiful designer offcut covers, a scrunchy for all her bad hair days, a headband for when she wants to chill in the sun, and a collapsible box to hold it all in. 

For him, we've got a handcrafted journal perfect for doodling random thoughts, a card wallet to store all those credit cards in his pocket, and a sunglass case. All this comes packed in a collapsible gift box that can be reused for other purposes. 

What are you waiting for now? It's time to go do some last-minute shopping on Kapdaa.com and save the day for yourself and everyone around you!

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