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4 thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for those looking for a new hobby

4 thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for those looking for a new hobby

Christmas is here. Along with all the fun and frolic, comes the pressure of gift buying. You can't just pick anything up from Walmart now, can you? Neither can you give the same gift that you've given in previous years. Nor can you give two of your friends the same thing. 

Ughhh! There are so many complications in gift-giving. Why can't it be simpler? 

Why can't picking out a thoughtful present for a loved one be as easy as grocery shopping in the supermarket? Just line up, pick up stuff, and come on out. 

Well, not to brag, but we've come up with the perfect gift guide for you. And it's based on sound advice that's been passed on over the years (by Santa, maybe?). 

The first rule to giving a thoughtful present is to know the person's interests inside out. 

What do they like? 

What don't they like? 

What are their interests? 

One way to capture all the answers to those questions in one gift is by giving them something based on their hobby. 

A hobby-based gift doesn't just show how much you know them, it also shows how much you love and support their passions. 

And if those gifts are eco-friendly and sustainable, you're just going to get extra brownie points. 


Let's dive right in! 

For the creative doodler 

You've seen your friend draw little doodles on paper napkins while waiting for your order at a restaurant, haven't you? And she's got rough books filled with sketches back home. 

Why not give her something that fits right in with her creative spirit? Something like our limited edition doodle journal. 

Hardbacked and covered in gorgeous floral offcuts, this doodle journal is as unique as their talent. It's got luxurious cream paper inside with dotted, grid, and plain variations for their drawings. What's more, there are several hand drawn illustrations to jog their minds when facing a creative block. The illustrations have been made with natural soot-based ink by local artists. Moreover, there's a handy pocket at the back to store all their stationary. 

For the explorer

Do you remember that friend that disappears for months without informing anyone? And then, out of the blue, you get a call from Vienna, only to realize they're on a backpacking trip across Europe. They're explorers, backpackers, travelers. Simply put, they love to experience new cultures in far-off lands. 

Why shouldn't your gift for them symbolize their love for traveling? 

This sunglass case with yellow, blue, black, and turquoise paisley printed on purple, is the perfect gift. Handcrafted from designer offcuts, with a sturdy yet light build, it's designed to keep their shades safe while they jump around the globe. The best part is that it's super easy to store and takes up little space when not in use. 

Also, add this comfy travel neck pillow to the set. They'll remember you every time they spend a night on the go. The neck pillow is made of soft fabric offcuts and filled with recycled microfiber. Easy to carry with the snap closure, they can have a comfy nap wherever they please. 

For the yoga enthusiast 

Yoga isn't just exercise. It's a way of living. And who better embodies this belief than your friend who spends an hour every morning at the park. 

They'll fall in love with this gorgeous, handcrafted yoga mat bag. Made from a woolen offcut, it's got enough space to hold a yoga mat, water bottle, and other essentials. The comfortable straps make it so easy to carry around, they'll love it immediately. Moreover, it looks beautiful and will fetch them tons of compliments the next time they go for a group session. 

For the home decor fanatic

Does your friend love to decorate their home with dainty little pieces and other artsy trinkets? Are they always lining up at flea markets to find unique pieces of furniture, pottery, or frames? 

Well, then we've got something that they'll absolutely adore! 

Ethically sourced and handcrafted from a Sarah Haran leather offcut, this picture frame has different hues spread across. It'll definitely add a touch of class and bohemian spirit to any interior. And with the right picture, your friend can make this the center of their mantelpiece. 

Need some more inspiration? You'll find tons on Kapdaa.com. See you there! 

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