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5 Easy Tips to Maintain your Sunglasses!

5 Easy Tips to Maintain your Sunglasses!

Finding the right pair of sunnies can be quite a task. They should fit perfectly and not be too big or too small, they have to be the right cut to suit your face, as well as the right color.

Sunglasses are a big part of our outdoor life and its the one accessory we need all year long.

However, once we buy that one treasure pair, we also need to take care of them!

Here are our tips on how to ensure your favorite pair lasts you forever and beyond:

1. A Sunglass Case: This is an absolute must! It's really easy to chuck your sunglasses in to the bag when you and if you did this as often as us in the past you know how badly it can damage those beauties. So take those extra 30 seconds as that will ensure your sunnies stay around longer.

Check out our collapsible sunglass cases which our ethically handcrafted from premium designer fabric offcut here. They are perfect for all sunglasses and fold right up when your glares are in use.  

2. Cleaning Your Sunglasses: Lot of us our guilty of cleaning with the edge of the shirt/ dress. However, tiny dust particles can create scratches on the glasses, therefore its best to use a gentle lens solution with the microfiber
cleaning cloth which comes with your sunglasses which helps you remove all dirt and smudges off your shades.

3. Avoid Placing Your Sunglasses On Your Head: It is a natural instinct to put your sunglasses on your head as soon as it's not sunny anymore. While it may seem convenient it is extremely damaging to your shades.

Placing them on the head often stretches out your ear piece and eventually loosens it making them slip every time you bend or look down. It can also damage the nose pad, not to mention the grease from our hair that can get on the lenses of so easily!

4. Avoid Excessive Heat: Excess heat can damage your frame or distort it causing the lenses to crack. This is true for both plastic and metal frames.

5. Avoid Adjusting Your Glasses Through The Nose Piece: Another common habit is pushing your glasses up by applying pressure to the nose piece. Over time, this can spoil the finish on the frame and make them look old. If they have a separate nose piece it can flatten out over time. Ideally you should gently grip the rim of the lens with your finger and thumb to adjust your glasses.

Let us know how if you have any more tips to manage your glorious sunnies!

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