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5 Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts Made from Offcuts!

5 Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts Made from Offcuts!

Thinking of a way to give back? Why not also give back to the environment with gifting eco-friendly and sustainable products made from textile offcuts that otherwise were headed toward the landfill.

1. Passport Holder/Luggage Tag


Do your employees/clients travel a lot? A fashionable passport and luggage tags give new life to your offcuts and are the perfect gift for your workers and consumers on the move.

2. Eye Masks

Also a great gift for your travelers is an offcut eye mask made from the remnants of your beautiful fabrics. Not only for travel, they also help make sure your hard workers and buyers get a great nights sleep.

3. Card Wallet 

Most busy people have what seems like a million different cards laying around—from IDs to grocery memberships, the number of small plastic rectangles tend to add up. The offcut card wallets are a great solution that anyone and everyone will find useful. Stay responsible and stay renewable with these fabulous products designed by you!

4. Pens

Fun and functional stationery are all the rage these days. Appeal to your people with a stylish pen made by repurposing the smallest of fabric scraps that otherwise would have ended up in the landfill. Stylish and sustainable, employees and clients alike, are sure to love them.

5. Notebook

The offcut notebook has become a staple of many returning clients, and the reasons why are undeniable! They work great as corporate gifts in the sheer versatility of a well-crafted notebook. Coming in two sizes, these notebooks, rocking your companies designs are sure to be a hit. Looking for an eco-friendly Christmas gift? Offcut notebook! Wanting to thank some loyal employees? Offcut notebook? Have a big conference coming up? Offcut notebooks for everyone!


After going through this list, you may be thinking to yourself, “Oh my, I would love to gift multiple of these amazing products to my most loyal and hardworking clients and workers!” Well, we have a great solution for you! With an array of offcut gifts, arrange and give them away in one of our offcut gift boxes. Adorned with your brands lovely designs and textiles, these gift boxes are sure to say “thank you,” to the reciever along with sending and sharing the sustainable message.


Whether giving back to your employees or thanking your loyal customers, giving them eco-friendly and sustainable products made from your own brand’s offcuts creates a sense of pride and joy in the company. The added bonus of the gift being sustainable is a great way to market your brand as a conscious one–A brand who is aware of the social and environmental impacts of textile waste.

We hope you reach out about these products and see what we have done with other brands. This is just a few examples of what we can do with your offcuts and there are many other products available. Feel free to contact us with any inquires!

What are some reasons you would gift an offcut product? Let us know below!

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