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A complete gift guide for the entire family

A complete gift guide for the entire family

The only guide you'll need this Christmas

Last year has been hard on all of us, to say the least. The pandemic forced everyone indoors with very limited interactions with the outside world. Friends and families were disconnected. No travel. No pub hopping. The lockdown compelled us to be alone at home for so long that many of us might have actually forgotten what it was like to talk to other people. 

But that grey blanket has finally lifted. The holiday season is right around the corner and things are finally looking up. Friends and family are coming to visit like old times (including that aunt who won't stop talking). 

And with the arrival of Christmas, it's time to go gaga on gift shopping again! It's been so long since you've had to go buy gifts at the mall that you're not sure you've still got the chops for it. After all, the gift symbolizes your entire relationship with that person. It's as crucial a part of Christmas as the tree itself. 

But here we are. Like always. Ready to help you pick the best gifts possible for each family member of yours. 

Just to top the cake off with the cherry, these gifts are eco-friendly, sustainable, handcrafted, and limited edition. 

Right. So let's get to it. 

Gifts that your family will love (for sure) 

For those lively little cousins, you adore

You've missed your young cousins, haven't you? Well, they're finally here. And they're expecting the perfect gift from you. 

Too much pressure? 

Not really. At least not when you can give her this dainty little bow headband to compliment her 'fairy princess' outfit. Made from designer French Crepe offcuts and marked with cute little teddy bears, this headband will make her squeal in delight. 

For him, we've got you a handsome bow tie with an adjustable strap. Made out of Silk Satin offcuts, this colorful bow tie will add to his boyish charms and help him slay the ladies (or is it too soon for that?). 

For your parents

You love your parents. We mean, who doesn't? And your gift needs to symbolize the special place they hold in your heart. 

Your mom's different. She's legitimately the most loving mother in the world. And she deserves to know that, right? 

Why not give her a floral journal with powder pink magenta and sage floral calico prints on an off white background? The journal has a hand painted illustration inside to light her up everytime she opens it. Moreover, it's got high-quality corm flower paper and seed paper to jog her inner gardener. It comes with a fabric envelope to store all her trinkets, a sturdy spine, pen holder, and multiple ribbon bookmarks. 

With so much packed in one journal, there's no way she doesn't love it. 

For your dad, we've got a unisex gift set that contains multiple items to cater to his multiple personalities. The beautiful collapsible box contains an A6 journal, a handy card wallet, and a sunglass case. 

For your partner-in-crime

You can't imagine a life without your S/O. They're your bae, BFF, and partner-in-crime rolled into one. While no gift can possibly seem enough, we think this gratitude journal is the perfect way to show how thankful you are for their love and support. 

The hardcover journal, wrapped in a gorgeous offcut, has high-quality recycled sketch paper that's perfect to take down thoughts. It's filled with inspirational illustrations, prompts, and exercises to jog their mind. It also has a happiness pocket to store all the little trinkets of your memories together. 

For your grandparents 

Even though you've spent a lot of time with them, it always seems like you need more. They've got so much to teach, to share. The stories they have ought to be written down and published. 

We're sure your grandma will love this fabric gift wrap that she can reuse time and again. It's got yellow and black renaissance fleur print on white with patterned edges. Just a little something she can show off to her colony friends. You can also get her this reusable card which she is sure to love!

For your grandpa, we've got a comfortable travel neck pillow that will leave the kinks out of his spine the next time he's on a plane. Made from luxurious satin offcuts with recycled microfiber filling, it's the perfect companion for long journeys. 

Now that you know what to buy, what's keeping you waiting? Grab a laptop, log onto Kapdaa.com and start shopping now! 

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