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Art for the Soul

Art for the Soul

Following our trip to Sweden for the FÖMO Pop-up Store, we came across an interesting art-form: Zentangles. We had a (our) first-hand experience thanks to Frida Hallström, a Swedish illustrator, whom we collaborated with for our meet the maker event. She specializes in the Zentangle art form and even conducts workshops and classes promoting artfulness in individuals. Back to the main question at hand, what is Zentangle art?

A method for relaxing and a fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Here is a step by step explanation, provided to us by Frida, showing us how it works:

  • You start off by drawing the main silhouette. On the meet the maker day the silhouettes used by Frida were as seen below


  • With the outer silhouette ready, you divide it into parts and then fill in those parts with various patterns. Like these for example:


We even have a video of the artist in action:

Now you know how to do it, let’s have a look into the very word Zentangle: It can be divided into two obvious parts: Zen+Tangle. The patterns that you draw into the different parts are also called tangles, which you create using combinations of dots, lines, curves and orbs. The Zen aspect of it comes in when you’re engrossed with the art. This form of art is non-representational and unplanned, so you end up focusing on each stroke without worrying about the result.

Since you don’t know what it’s going to look like- what you end up with is a delightful surprise!


The process may look intricate, but it is an extremely simple way to relaxation and inner focus. It has been said that practicing the Zentangle method has multiple benefits like calming an anxiety, cultivating awareness in the moment etc.

Self-soothing and simple- if you had to define Zentangle art in two words, it would be just that.

Not every aspect of our lives has to be digital. I think it’s time we put the screens down and maybe even Zentangle with a KAPDAA notebook? ☺

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