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Bringing about an environmental and social change

1977 was the beginning of the boutique brand KAPDAA in India; Founded by a home grown designer Ms Trupti Marfatia, who believed in creating one-of-a-kind dresses , made purely from natural fabrics. The idea behind KAPDAA- The Offcut Company came alive when her son, Nishant Parekh, saw offcut pieces left out from those very garments she created. This inspired a whole new idea, in the shape of a notebook, which from here on would be adorned by these very offcuts.

The concept of sustainability picked up globally, making KAPDAA-The Offcut Company into a success story. Collaborating with many global brands, providing them with an environmental friendly proposition turning their waste material into promotional products. The story continues with KAPDAA-The Offcut Company taking upon themselves the responsibility to give back to the society by providing support to many charities and groups.

The society of helpers and KAPDAA

Twice a month Ms Trupti Marfatia sponsors breakfast at The Society of the Helpers of Mary at the branch in Mumbai, India. A charity society set up to improve the lives of under underprivileged citizens of Mumbai and give them the chance to have a fulfilled life. Their work includes opening hospitals, rehabilitation centres, hospices, slum schools, besides many more social and welfare projects. This month notebooks created by the offcuts from KAPDAA were gifted to the children, to help support their educational needs.

It just shows how one idea can spread out and make such a huge difference not only to the environment but to people’s lives.


To read more on the amazing work the Society does please follow this link

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