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BU-JOY! Five Awesome Ways to Make Journaling Easier!

BU-JOY! Five Awesome Ways to Make Journaling Easier!

Ever started a Journal, only to quit it a few days later? Well you’re not alone! Here are some tips and tricks to make Journaling to get you started and inspired!

KISS – Keep it Simple Silly!

Sounds simple enough, but it’s a big reason why people give up journaling.

People often put in a lot of effort in making their bullet journals look like a piece of art. You may have come across some of these on social media. However, these awesomely decorated spreads are not an overnight creation. A lot of time, supplies and most importantly experience goes in to making them look the way they do!

If you get overwhelmed you run the risk of quitting journaling quickly. START SIMPLE. So focus on getting the information first and then the aesthetics. Once you’ve developed a habit you can start adding some decoration like washi tapes or stickers and then doodles and other artwork with color pens and paints.

You can check out our Sustainable Doodle Journal Collection here if you want to start with a Journal with some added inspo!

Make Journaling a Ritual Not Chore

Journaling can soon become a chore or sometimes it feels like you just can’t find time for it!

Easy way to deal with this is set up your journal with its main sections – monthly log, weekly log, etc.

Then set aside a time during the day when you can sit down and fill out your journal. Start with five minutes and then increase it as you want. Set a reminder if you have to in the beginning.

Keep your journal in a central place in the house where you can see it. This will help reduce the friction of you having to go looking for it everyday.

Use Print Ready Pages!

When you start your journal identify the main reason you want to maintain – IT could work as a planner, a goal setting tool, manage mental or physical wellness, etc.

Once you have done that create sections. You can use the following questions to help you set up your journal:

How do I want pages to look – Uniform or Separate Sections or by Collection

What do I want to track – habit, mood, food, water?

How much space do I need for my task spreads?

Will I need extra pages between spreads?

How creative do I want to be with my journal?

Once you decide on a set up you can look for printables online which you can take inspo from or simple print and paste in your journal.

You can check out our Sustainable Gratitude Journal Collection here if you want to start a journal for mental wellness and developing an attitude of gratitude!

Grab those Supplies

Once you develop a habit of journaling, it’s time to get creative. You can use color pens, highlighters, pencils, stencils and water paints to draw and doodle. You can also use craft supplies such as Washi Tapes, Stickers, Sticky Notes, and Paper Holders.

Just do it!

It sounds silly, but the number one trick to make journaling easier is to just keep at it. Just get that pen on paper. Everybody journals in their own way – some with prompts, some without. Some are more artistic, some just prefer lists. Some write creatively, some logically. So don’t compare your Journal with others. Understand that there is no right and wrong to Journaling. Just go with what comes naturally to you! And as you start seeing the benefits you will become a pro in no time!!!

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