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Coffee has never been so stylish

Coffee has never been so stylish


Its time to wake up and smell the coffee, or tea, or the chai latte, well it’s your cuppa! So take your pick!

But what does offcuts have to do with all of this!?

Well courtesy KAPDAA-The Offcut company, offcuts have already made an impression as fashionable stationery in the market and now they are ready to be stylised in a new avatar.

We present to you our new product innovation, the offcut coffee cup sleeve. Made from the smallest pieces of offcuts, its sustainable, ethical, good looking and personalised. Its time you stop wasting your beautiful designs and send us leftovers aka offcuts, for us to create a lovely collection of, bespoke coffee cup sleeves.

An attractive and innovative idea that makes you feel, warm from the inside as you encourage and support sustainability, adding value to our social environment. And warm from the outside, as it makes for, the ideal product to adorn the covers of the coffee cups (that all look generic), ready to make a fashionable statement this season. Let your clients see, feel and cherish, a piece of their favourite designers/ brand every time they take a sip, making it an ideal gift this Christmas season.

The coffee cup sleeve individually or together as a set with the matching notebook makes for a great PR/ Marketing presence, or give away for your premium customers.

Our Design team has put together some samples of offcut coffee cup sleeves and the images speak for themselves. We are excited to share them with you. Its Convenient, elegant and makes for a great branding opportunity.

Kapdaa-The Offcut Company, continuous endeavour to offer you fresh sustainable gifting ideas, to make an impression on your clients and provide you, with a new and unique Christmas gifting experience. We are happy to announce a great turn around time for all our orders, offering personalised service at every step. We would like you too sit back and enjoy the holiday season and let us create, ship and package these beautiful designer offcut coffee cup sleeves. As they promise to bring a sustainable smile on every ones face, next time they pick up their cup of coffee.



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