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Fashion in 2018 | 08. Sustainability Credibility

Fashion in 2018 | 08. Sustainability Credibility

We are almost half way through the year and when we look back over the past 6 months, an in-depth article we read on The Business of Fashion on what Fashion in 2018- Sustainability Credibility published early this year, surely rings true. To quote directly from the article: “As focus shifts to a circular economy, sustainability will evolve from being a menu of fragmented initiatives to being an integral and defining part of the entire fashion value chain.”

When we see the developments all around us we are inclined to agree with the article which states that 2018 will bring to fruition the “next level” of sustainability and offer the potential of a competitive advantage for fashion companies who embrace it fully.

From our point of view, the many designers, brands and mills that work with us is a fantastic indicator of the revolutionary shift in the way businesses are looking at their waste materials. Their choice to reuse their offcuts contributes towards adding a sustainable element to the changing face of fashion. Our increasing range of offcut notebooks is also an indicator as to how fashion brands are responding to the need for more sustainable practices within the industry. Here’s to #everypiecematters

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