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Fixing Fashion- A sustainable report Feb 2019

Fixing Fashion- A sustainable report Feb 2019

The cutting room floor sees far more fabric than what a consumer does. With almost 15% of the fabric being discarded as excess or waste, the fashion industry has the highest amount of pre-consumer waste generated, designer Pheobe English explains this in simple words in the snippet above. All this and more can be found in the Environmental Audit Committee, which was published right around the same time as the London Fashion Week- perfectly timed as the report explores and explains various stages in the unsustainable world of fashion.

At KAPDAA, the pre-consumer waste section is what interests us as this is where the ethos of our business lies. With the rising levels of consumption across the globe, the fashion industry will soon be coined as the ‘throwaway’ society. For it to continue to inspire, flourish and thrive, it needs to move towards a fashionable future without affecting the planet. Some action needs to be taken, and we’re doing our small bit of propagating the zero waste message by up-cycling offcuts.

To read the whole report, click here.


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