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Gift wrapping guide: How to wrap a gift in fabric?

Gift wrapping guide: How to wrap a gift in fabric?

With the holiday season coming up and Christmas following it right after, people have been busy shopping.  Rummaging through malls, boutiques, websites to find the perfect thoughtful gift. What makes the hard work worth it is the glow on the face of the receiver. The way their faces get awash with excitement as they tear open the wrapping paper. Heck, it isn't just Christmas. Anytime someone unwraps a present, they're all lit up. 

But have you ever wondered what happens to once the gift is unwrapped? The wrapping paper is discarded and ends up piling in the landfill. In fact, over 4 million pounds of wrapping paper is thrown out every year. Unfortunately, most of this paper cannot be recycled. The glossy, glittery, laminated sheets aren't fit to be recycled. What's worse is that they're not even biodegradable. So they simply take up space for years on end, polluting the already fragile ecosystem. 

There's one fabulous way to avoid adding more wrapping paper to the dump. 

Wrapping your gifts up in upcycled, reusable fabric!

Not only does it keep the earth greener, it also adds a touch of uniqueness to the gift. Moreover, since fabric is more pliable, you can use it to wrap gifts of any shape and size. 

Where to buy fabric wraps from? 

While buying fabric wraps, it's important to trace the history of the cloth. If your intention is to go green, then buying a brand new fabric wrap isn't the right choice. Instead go for upcycled fabric wraps handcrafted from ethically sourced designer offcuts. Additionally, you can also look for better patterns as opposed to the regular chequered one. 

Fortunately for you, hosts a number of fabric gift wrapping options, each with their own unique style. The offcuts are sourced from international brands so you can always be assured of the quality. And they look absolutely gorgeous with geometric, floral, and abstract patterns. 

Traditional bow wrapping

  • Step 1
  • Pick a fabric piece that's at least four times the size of your gift box for the perfect wrap. 

  • Step 2
  • Place the gift in the center of the fabric, diagonally. The edges of the package need to be perpendicular to the edges of the fabric. Pick up the left corner and fold it under the gift. 

  • Step 3
  • Hold the left corner in place as you pull the right corner over. Crease the fabric to get a clean edge. Pull the edge tight over the gift and press it down. 

  • Step 4
  • Pick up the other two remaining edges and bring them over the top of the gift. Pull tightly and tie a clean bow knot on top. Tuck in any corners that stick out. 

    Single knot wrapping

  • Step 1
  • Follow the same first and second steps as above. But instead of folding the left edge under the gift, fold it within itself until the edge lines up perfectly with the box. 

  • Step 2
  • Now crease the fabric cleanly and bring over both folded edges on top. The key is to hold one edge tight while you work on the other edge. Otherwise, the fabric may end up loose. 

  • Step 3
  • Cross both the ends on top and tie a knot. Instead of going for a bow, go for a single, neat knot. 

    Double knot wrapping

  • Step 1
  • This is ideally suited for oddly shaped gifts. Use a large piece of fabric for this technique. Place the gift in the center and bring the opposing edges to the top. Tie a knot there. 

  • Step 2
  • Secure the other two sides in a knot too. Make sure both the knots are adjacent for a cleaner look. 

    It's as easy as that! Store all the fabric to reuse again. Also urge your friends to keep the fabric safe and in usable condition for as long as possible. 

    Like we've said time and time again, going green isn't that hard. And with the chic look of a fabric gift wrap, going green can be stylish too! 

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