Hugo Boss Sets Sustainable Material Targets, Emphasizes Circular Fashion

Hugo Boss Sets Sustainable Material Targets, Emphasizes Circular Fashion

Loved reading this article! It is inspiring to see fashion brands like Hugo Boss scrutinising their supply chains and manufacturing processes looking for ways to boost sustainability. 

We applaud this initiative and are encouraged by this. The article mentions that Hugo Boss is also emphasising recycling and closed material cycles: “Since the fall/winter collection 2017, the company has solely used padding made from minimum 60% recycled materials for all its clothing lines and accessories.”

We here at Kapdaa aim to give a new lease of life to any leftover fabric or a wallpaper.  We have a zero-waste concept  with a streamlined form of waste transformation, where we can find a new purpose for all kinds of post-production materials. Where it takes approx. 270 litres of water to produce the cotton for one fabric-covered notebook, by KAPDAA reusing existing materials to produce new products such as these, we can cut back on the huge energy and water footprint as a result. This transforms the current fashion cycle and reduces the overall climate impact of the apparel industry, by limiting the amount of raw finite materials being used, and cutting back on external environmental costs from continued fabric production.

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