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Simple gesture goes a long way

Simple gesture goes a long way

A personalised interaction, with a premium quality product is what your clients cherish – a signature giveaway, in the form of offcut notebooks would be the cherry on top of the Christmas cake. Adorned by your beautiful fabrics with a personalised message inside. A lasting impression for its unique touches and niche branding idea, creating a simple gesture that goes a long way.

Kapdaa is merrily taking orders for January and February for soft cover/hard cover, 100% recycled, sketch/plain/ruled, paper options to varied sizes  of notebooks A5,5X7,A6, with beautiful ribbon and end paper colour options, plus offering premium gold and silver embossing to add luxury to your New Year.

See it come alive, the smile an offcut notebook can bring, advancing the brand’s value for its support towards sustainability & that surely makes a customer feel that they are not only choosing the most beautiful, but also making the right choice.

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