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Spreading sustainable smiles

Spreading sustainable smiles

The idea was simple, connecting, reaching out to the hearts of those who are hard at work, on Christmas Day so that all of us can have the joy to sit around the Christmas tree in the comfort of our homes, sharing a laugh and opening presents with our friends & families. We call them our ‘Sustainable Heroes’ which include people working with the NHS, Fire station, the Police and other emergency services. The plan was to surprise them at work on Christmas day with a small Christmas present, gift wrapped ‘offcut’ new year diaries courtesy our big-hearted client Simon Carter.


So this is what happened, we had 2 lovely neighbourhood kids as our elves and their mum as our angel, driving us around Kingston town. First stop, the Kingston Hospital  A&E, where we were welcomed with open arms, meeting a delighted bunch of ambulance drivers, helpers, nurses, doctors and other staff members who were not only shocked but elated by our gesture. We received so many hugs and kisses, getting us all excited and geared up to move ahead to our next pit stop, the Fire station at Ham.

The firemen are surely a good lot, a bunch of big bulky guys with tattoos with the warmest hearts ever. They loved the Christmas surprise so much, they took us for a tour of the fire station and sang Christmas carols with us.

Next we made our way to the police station, sceptical about what we were up to, they opened the gift wrapped diaries, assured it was what we were saying they finally smiled and we sighed in relief. Happily they decided to make this a highlight for their Christmas meal together with their colleagues later in the evening.

With a bunch of some more gifts left, we decided to go somewhere real special, our last stop for the evening was the home care centre for the elderly.  This time it was the care takers, gave us a surprise, seeing them at work selflessly, made the kids and us realise how lucky we are, leaving us teary eyed, we clicked pictures and shared some smiles together.


Oh WHAT a HO HO HO Christmas for us at KAPDAA

A simple heartfelt initiative, that we promise to carry ahead as a tradition every Christmas from here on.

Thank you again to Simon Carter, our elves (Abhiram & Ashwin), the angel (Veni)  for their contribution, time, effort & a big cheers to our Sustainable Heroes


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