Sustainable Fashion Is On The Rise, But It’s Not Enough

Sustainable Fashion Is On The Rise, But It’s Not Enough

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Yes, there is a rise in sustainable fashion. Yes, there is an increase in charity and vintage shopping, and major high streets brands have launched sustainable fashion collections. But is this enough?
This article touches upon the changes happening in the world of sustainable fashion but more than that it calls for an industry-wide movement to significantly reduce the waste that the textile industry produces. According to this news report, last year alone, 12.8 million tons of textiles were discarded, with disastrous consequences for the environment. Scraps of fabric that accumulate after cutting are not always reused but often thrown away, a practice which is tolerated across the industry. Furthermore, the dyes and chemicals used to colour and clean clothes massively contributed to the pollution of the world’s river systems and oceans.
This article concludes with a call to action from the industry. We believe albeit slowly but it is happening. Companies across sectors have recognised this and are taking steps accordingly. Sustainable innovation is the name of the game. We are sure if we all work together our dream for a zero-waste society will not be too far along.

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