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Top Tips for Sustainable Mental Health and Wellness

Top Tips for Sustainable Mental Health and Wellness

There is a lot of focus on making our physical world more sustainable but when was the last time you thought about your mental health sustainably?

Before we begin, what does sustainability even mean?

Sustainability and Ethical Lifestyle is defined as “the ability to maintain a certain rate or level” or “avoidance of depletion of natural resources”. We are taking steps toward sustainability with our environment, however, if we do not take sustainable steps to improve our mental health we won’t be very prepared to cope effectively when things get tougher.

Here are some our sustainable mental health and wellness tips:

Conserve Your Resources

Very often we say yes to everyone and everything! Sometime we want to avoid confrontation, other times it’s a fear or rejection among several other reasons. However it’s important to know that it’s ok to say no sometimes! We should set boundaries in our lives so we don’t get easily pushed around. So what are your limits? What do you value?


In the current environment of productivity and efficiency, it’s hard to not be busy all the time. However, when we don’t take time for ourselves it can easily lead to fatigue and burnout. Self-care is something we can do for ourselves which will allow us to be more helpful and present with others. Self-care can look different for everyone. How about taking 10 minutes out of your busy day to reflect on your day or express gratitude?

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Reduce Consumption

Advances in Tech are leading to an oversocialised but lonelier world. Social media, OTT platforms, 24-hour news cycles are either a constant show of perfection or constantly telling us how bad things are. This can be pretty overwhelming. Setting limits on your consumption of social media and news and binge watch can help you reduce anxiety and be more present in your daily life.

Seeking Support

We all need to feeling supported from time to time. It is fundamental to our mental health and wellness. It is important to spend time with people who we love and can help us feel loved and rejuvenated. Support may come in the form of friends and family or in some cases attending therapy can also be a great way to get support.

Don’t Neglect Your Body

We have all heard the saying Healthy minds live in health bodies! As we know our body and mind are interconnected.  This is why its important to eat well, exercise, get enough sleep etc. These are crucial to creating a solid foundation for your mental health.

What do you do to make your mental health more sustainable?

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