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Art for the Soul
Following our trip to Sweden for the FÖMO Pop-up Store, we came across an interesting art-form: Zentangles. We had a (our) first-hand experience thanks to Frida Hallström, a Swedish illustrator, whom we collaborated with...
Fixing Fashion- A sustainable report Feb 2019
The cutting room floor sees far more fabric than what a consumer does. With almost 15% of the fabric being discarded as excess or waste, the fashion industry has the highest amount of pre-consumer...
What do I do with my fabric waste?
In our current times, innovation is not just limited to designing something new or different. A whole new area which is currently being adapted into every industry is sustainable innovation. Being able to create...
Enterprise Europe Network and KAPDAA
The former EU Commissioner Günter Verheugen launched the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), which combines the previous Euro Info Centres and the Innovation Relay Centres. Under the responsibility of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Internal...

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