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Taking your Dog out for a walk? 5 Accessories you must have!

Taking your Dog out for a walk? 5 Accessories you must have!
You want to take your dog for a walk as often as possible but issues can make it less than ideal. These dog walking accessories are designed to ensure Fido gets his exercise and that you have a great time taking them out on a daily basis.
Not all of these will be the best dog accessories for every dog but you may just find something unique you’d never thought of before.
Dog harnesses can be buckled to your seatbelt to ensure your pet is safe. In the event that the worst happens – you get into an accident – your dog will stay in the vehicle where you can immediately attend to any medical needs they may have.
Dog harnesses can also be used in place of collars and leashes. They’re especially useful for owners who are trying to teach their dog not to pull when on a lead.
Most people think of dogs shoes as the best dog accessory for cold weather but they’re actually very important for the walks too. They provide extra grip, they protect your dog’s feet from rocks and other sharp hazards, and they can keep your dog’s paws from becoming overheated.
Look for water-resistant shoes that will be perfect in all water conditions and anywhere the road may take you. You don’t want your dog slipping and sliding the first time you take on a shallow creek.
Proper fit is essential. The manufacturer you buy them from will have a sizing guide. Pay close attention to it and follow it exactly. Do not eyeball the size. If your dog’s shoes are too small or too big they will not be comfortable and your dog will hate wearing them.
Reflective Velcro can be very helpful to make sure your dog can be seen in the night. Not only does this make them safer but it makes them easier for you to find if they get away from you.
  1. LEASH
This one is the most obvious! Dog leashes are not only useful for taking your pal for a walk around the neighborhood, but they can also be employed as an effective training tool. But they are no longer just a basic pet tool. From designer dog leashes to handmade options, Leashes are now available in a range of styles, materials, and colors to suit any type of owner and their pet.
Dog collars are great ways to express your pet’s personality but you can add more to the fun with dog collar accessories. Even if you chose a dog collar from your local drug store and it has no personality, these add-ons will be great additions that provide tons of flair.
Dog Bowties
Who doesn’t love a bow tie on a dog? Make it simple to keep on by buying a bow tie attachment to their collar. They won’t even notice it’s there but your friends and neighbors will. For the dog who has everything, dog bow ties are a great idea. We have some super cute ones that are sure to make your pooch look totally adorable!
Dog Flowers
For the lady dog that has everything, a dog flower is a lovely choice. You can choose from life-like fake flowers or cartoonish flowers. Pick a bright, pastel color or choose a deep, dark classic red rose. There are simple flowers and flowers covered in glitter and glitz.
Who says the latest human fad can’t also apply to pooches? There are many makers who create these luscious, cozy bandanas just for dogs. Get one of these and you’ll get your pooch looking cute as a button in no time. Take a look at our designer, handcrafted collection here
Designer Dog Collars
You’ve seen thousands of dog collars in your day but these days you can find every manner of personalized dog collars handmade by individuals or dog collars encrusted with diamonds. For the truly unique dog get a truly unique dog collar.
As you search for cool dog accessories that will make your pooch as cute as can be, take our limited edition, sustainable dog collar collection into consideration. Make your pooch the envy of all the dogs at the dog park with cute dog accessories so adorable everyone who sees them can’t help but say, “Aww!”
You might be shocked to see how many dog walking bags there are on the market. They’re waterproof and have numerous pockets for dog treats, dog refuse bags, an extra leash, etc. They’re also made to be comfortably worn so you’ll be hands-free when walking the dog. Find some from our gorgeous, offcut collection here

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