Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is frantically finishing this season's shopping. After all, nobody wants to get caught picking up off-the-rack at the last minute. 

But here's the catch. In our quest for finding the perfect gift - usually a combination of thoughtful and practical - we often forget to consider sustainability as a factor. After all, we don't want our Christmas shopping spree to become yet another reason for the environmental crisis. 

And fret not! It's not too late yet. We've brought together this list of wonderful gifts for that special woman in your life. Each gift has been curated keeping in mind eclectic tastes and practicality. Most of all, each gift you pick from this list has been handcrafted sustainably from designer offcuts and ethically sourced materials. 

Now isn't that a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas? Not only are these gifts gorgeous but they're also friendlier to the environment. 


Let's dive right in! 

The best 5 eco-friendly gifts for her

Picking gifts isn't easy. And when you're out looking for something sustainable, your list of choices can often get thin. Or it used to until we came in. 

Handcrafted journals, notebooks, and bookmarks

Christmas is the perfect reason to help invoke the writer in your special someone. And what better way to start her off than with a stunning floral-themed journal? Handmade and recycled from designer offcuts, this journal will inspire her to craft into words all that is in her head. After all, journaling is an amazing habit that helps build emotional and mental strength. 

The cover is made from 100% silk satin fabric with beautifully designed floral motifs. Inside, you'll be welcomed with a hand-painted illustration by a local artist to remind you of its roots. The book also contains recycled floral paper made from cornflowers, a beautiful spine band, and a pen holder. Not to forget the ribbon bookmarks and fabric pocket gussets. 

It's the perfect eco-friendly gift for a budding writer, doodler, or artist! 

Picture frames

This season is all about creating and cherishing memories. Keeping that in mind, a picture frame might just be the best gift for your loved one. Add a gorgeous picture of you two to the frame before gifting and watch her blush. 

Our frames are ethically crafted by hand with lush leather offcuts from Sarah Haran. Since each offcut is different, what you get is a one-time, unique piece of art that you can proudly display to the world.

With its long-lasting durability, it'll be the perfect way to enshrine the beautiful memories you have with her. 

Sunglass case

The holidays are just a few days away and with it, the season for sunglasses is back! But don't all of us hate to lug around those huge, clunky sunglass cases? They don't just take up a lot of space in the purse but also look ugly. 

And that's why we've come up with the perfect solution. If your special someone loves her glasses, then this artfully designed, upcycled sunglass case is the ideal gift. Handcrafted with love from upcycled offcuts, this case is sturdy yet fully collapsible when not in use. The tropical floral prints give it the perfect springtime hue. 

Shoe bags

It's well established that women love their heels. They'd go through hell and back to protect their footwear from harm. It's no wonder women love our shoe bags. Eco-friendly, handcrafted, and tastefully designed, each shoe bag is made from a different upcycled offcut, making it unique. There's also a drawstring attached to keep footwear safe and organized. 

Moreover, it's large enough to fit in a pair of 6-inch heels with ease. Now that's what we call a thoughtful gift. 

Gift set

If you're still confused as to what to surprise your loved one with, then look no further. The Women's gift set contains three exquisite gifts, wrapped up daintily in a collapsible box. 

The first gift is an A6 notebook, covered with a unique designer offcut. The second gift is a beautiful floral scrunchy for her good as well as bad hair days. The last item is a designer headband that compliments her looks while keeping stray hairs out of her face. 

All three items come together in a handmade collapsible box that can be reused later on. 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and start shopping for your loved one before someone else grabs your pick. And don't worry. We won't tell anyone that we helped you find that perfect gift for your partner that had her swooning!

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