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What do I do with my fabric waste?

What do I do with my fabric waste?

In our current times, innovation is not just limited to designing something new or different. A whole new area which is currently being adapted into every industry is sustainable innovation. Being able to create something out of old items- make best out of waste, is becoming increasingly important.

Now speaking of textiles in particular, according to TRAID, in the UK, over 1 million tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill or incinerated every year resulting in increased waste and carbon emissions. These facts alone are enough to get designers, both interior and fashion, to question their methods of discarding their fabric waste. All kinds of textiles have the potential to be either recycled or upcycled, rather than be thrown away, and with both the designers and customers getting far more environmentally conscious, it’s high time we change how we think about dealing with waste.

Kapdaa- The Offcut company was born out of this very need for change. Based in London, we strongly believe that ‘every piece matters’. We collaborate with fashion / interior brands and designers, to not let their beautiful designs go to waste, by turning the smallest pieces of offcuts into fashionable stationery.

From the first offcut product, a bookmark, to now everyday essentials like notebooks and card wallets, travel accessories like passport holders, eye masks and luggage tags- we’ve had quite a long journey! Having collaborated with over 250 designers, we’ve managed to save over 5400 metres of fabric, which would’ve otherwise been left in landfills- all in just 3 years. We’ve been saving offcuts from mills in Scotland, tailors, interior and fashion designers in London / NY / Russia; weavers and shoemakers in LA and Paris, to pram manufacturers in Belgium and we’re only getting started!

So coming back to the question at hand, if you’re wondering what to do with your fabric waste, the solution is simple: Just drop in an email, dial us up or even come say hi with some chai. The rest, we’ll take care of!

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