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Why should leather offcuts be upcycled?

Why should leather offcuts be upcycled?


There are many reasons why it is still a popular choice in material thousands of years since it was first used by our ancestors. So what exactly is it? Leather is the tanned hide of an animal that can be used for a variety of things. Some of the common animal skins used in leather products are cows, sheep, pigs, and even kangaroo. 

So what are the benefits of leather and its offcuts? And why does make it even more important to up-cycle leather offcuts? We have compiled some reasons along with some information about leather as a fashion statement and as a versatile textile.

Always in Style

Leather production in the past.

As mentioned before, leather has been used for centuries by humans in a variety of ways. It is a timeless textile in that it never goes out of style. Its versatility makes sure that it always has a use, whether that be a fashionable jacket or the polished seats of a luxury car. Take a look at how luxury leather handbags have become a status symbol amongst many fashion-forward thinkers. From the ancient Egyptians to the modern man, leather has never gone out of style. Whether it be genuine or faux, we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. Repurposing leather offcuts into new products is a great way to create fashionable products while not letting your scraps go to waste. A brand new stylish product made from old offcut material? Sounds like a win-win in our book!


Leather is often chosen over other materials for its longevity and strength. A quality, full-grain leather product can last decades and even looks better over time. Full-grain leather also lasts longer than other fabrics; up to five times as much! Leather is most predominately used in shoe manufacturing for this reason. Shoes are subject to wear and tear in their fundamental use, so in order to preserve and extend its life, many opt to use leather. Because of its strength, flexibility, and durability, throwing away the leftover leather offcuts is a shame as it could be used to make a new product that will also last a lifetime. Wether the full faulty hide, or just some leather offcuts, lets put them to good use! Just think about it for a moment, how many of your past notebook’s covers ripped or been wrinkled in a loaded backpack? An offcut leather notebook is better at protecting your book and its contents from damage. 


Alice + Olivia Offcut Notebooks

There is an active debate around how ethical leather is from an animal welfare standpoint. Regardless, people are still going to continue to eat animal products. With how large animal agriculture is, the waste from the industry is just as enormous. Some reports state that up to 700 million tons of cow hides are wasted each year. To combat this some companies, such as Rah and Co, only sources their leather from places where it otherwise would be wasted. So under the right circumstances, leather is sustainable and ethical in its efforts to ensure that every part of an animal is used. Thus, less animals will be killed for solely one purpose or another. So help the planet, and help the animals by repurposing your leather offcuts into new and eco-friendly products.


Leather Offcut – Rah and CO

Through thick and thin, leather prevails as a leading textile in fashion and interior design.  It prevalence means that it is in high demand from those wanting to embody luxury style. As it is such a precious material, it is best to not let those pesky offcuts left after production go to waste. If you want to make smaller goods, why not use leather offcuts versus buying or making it new? Instead, give the scraps another chance and capitalize on the global $100 billion dollar leather industry with a sustainable conscious. 

Why do you use leather? Let us know down below!

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