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Wild Flamingos and Zebras: Juliet Travers

Wild Flamingos and Zebras: Juliet Travers

As part of Juliet Travers’ new ‘Spirit of Summer’ product range, she has created sustainable notebooks made with the offcuts from her magnificent ‘Safari’ print-based wallpaper and fabric collection. The stunning motifs of East African animals takes you on a journey through the varied wildlife of the region. Her inspiration comes from her beautifully hand-drawn designs of safari animals inspired by her family connections to Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

Exhibiting at the House and Garden Festival last week, she introduced her latest line of stationery which included: new offcuts notebooks, luxury wrapping paper, and notecards. It was wonderful to see what great responses they have been getting since the launch!

Each A5 notebooks is beautifully handmade with love with 100 lined pages. The front endpaper is branded with Juliet Travers’ silver logo with two-colour screen printing and green foiling. Print placement was important towards the design of these notebooks as there are key motifs used throughout the ‘Safari’ collection, for example: Dazzle’s zebra and Nakuru’s flamingos. Watch the video below to see how print placement was used when creating these notebooks. These A5 templates allow us to position the print perfectly onto the covers of our bespoke products.

Kapdaa are thrilled to be a part of this new product line launch at Juliet Travers, we are so happy to see their offcuts being used in a sustainable way to create new products! If this concept appeals to you and you would like to find out more, please arrange a chat with our lovely team by calling us on 02084810441 or emailing ashwinnie@kapdaa.com.


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