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Your Sustainable Elves

Your Sustainable Elves

Notebooks make for ideal Christmas gifts, but just not any notebook would do, a personalised notebook with your client’s name printed on the first page, when they open it for the first time, bringing that big bright smile on their faces is what we offer you this holiday season.

The personalised element does not end here there is another surprise in store, we have added a small little pocket at the back of the notebook where you can add your ‘midas’ touch by slipping in a small little hand written Christmas card/Happy holidays leaflet/your lovely catalogue that offers a sneak peak into what you would be offering in the New Year. Gifting your clients a beautiful notebook that is adorned by the offcuts from your designer creations completely personalised, which shows that you made that extra effort, a sustainable gift like no other, that will make your clients proud of choosing you and about the choice you have made by turning your designer waste into a fashionable notebooks.

We are team Kapdaa, your sustainable elf’s waiting to create these beautiful Christmas presents for your clients, helping you share the very merry Christmas cheer!

(Example of a printed story in the pocket..)


(Example of personalised printing, each notebook is addressed to a different person…)

stitch personalised

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