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Kingston Green Radio

Kingston Green Radio

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Kapdaa The Offcut company are based in Kingston and manufacture in India. Focused around the principles of sustainability, the company demonstrate how possible it is to produce high quality products from the waste of the clothing industry.

In this programme CEO Nish explains how this unique company came into existence. Like any good idea, it was simple but not simply found. The light bulb moment finally happened when we created our first set of bespoke notebooks covered by designer fabric offcuts.

They looked beautiful, elegant and niche. A piece of the designer, that was now made as a matching souvenir, in what better form than a notebook. To be able to write down thoughts, doodle ideas and be creative gave me the chance to inspire an array of people to be fashionable whilst making a sustainable statement.

Let’s find you something gorgeous, shall we?

Welcome to the #KAPDAAFam!

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