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A Sustainable project with Kapdaa Ratti,

leader in the art of printing and production of the finest fabric, is a made in Italy excellence and partner of the most important luxury brands all around the world, from 1945.

Since 2011 Ratti has undertaken a journey of sustainability, paying particular attention to the matter of waste. In this way the company decided to promote the art of recycling, thanks to a collaboration with Kapdaa – an English company specialized in re-use fabrics scraps in order to create new products – working on a project to create responsible notebook and tote bags.

The result of this collaboration is a capsule collection who valorized Ratti wasted fabrics in a creative way, giving them a new life.

The idea behind the project is the possibility to regenerate those fabrics who ended his life cycle.Ratti new accessories proposal contribute to discover new ways to reuse the fabrics, highlighting sustainability and responsibility, in a elegant and stylish way.

To be fashion, to be responsible.

Let’s find you something gorgeous, shall we?

Welcome to the #KAPDAAFam!

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