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Recycle & Reuse

Recycle & Reuse

Recycle & Reuse Textile waste is a big problem in the commercial fashion industry. 

It is estimated that 30% of fabrics in garment factories ends up on the factory floor, only to be taken to landfill. We don’t want that to happen to our fabrics! To lengthen the life cycle of our fabrics, we have partnered with some other companies and their founders to be able to recommend our customers where to send their fabric scraps. Here are some of our scrap partners, all of whom will take your offcuts after you have finished a project and use it in their business.


  1. Offset Warehouse Charlie and her team at Offset Warehouse sell only ethical fabrics, be it organic, fair trade or sustainable. They will reuse your scraps in offcut sales: one person’s scrap is another person’s treasure.  
  2. House of Bilimoria Shilpa and her team make sustainable fashion by reusing materials. Your offcuts will continue life in another unique item of clothing.
  3. Kapdaa, The Offcut Company Nish and his team have made scraps their business. Brands can purchase marketing material made from their scrap fabrics, and individuals can donate their offcuts or buy handmade stationary and accessories made from scraps that have been saved from going to landfill.
Simply contact any of the above and say we sent you! OTHER WAYS TO RECYCLE AND REUSE YOUR FABRICS:
  • Organise a clothes or fabrics swap.
  • Take your old items to a good charity shop, or a local theatre school, craft school or children’s centre.
  • Turn old garments or offcuts into cleaning rags, make up pads, wash cloths, etc. You are only limited by your imagination!

Let’s find you something gorgeous, shall we?

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