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Human Touch

A Human Touch As human beings, we are social animals that are energized by a sense of belonging, connectedness, and community. And our team members, some of whom have been with us for almost two decades, are living  embodiments of our ethos. We firmly believe in supporting our team members in every way possible, which is why we are committed to paying more than the minimum state pay recommended by the Asia Floor Wage calculator to our artisans and support staff. We also provide benefits such as PPF, ESI, bonuses and tickets to visit their hometown every year.

Our team members are the backbone of all that we are looking to build, and will support them in a transparent manner at all times. Our work environment is a crucial key to ensure happy faces across our organization, which is why we lay a lot of emphasis on the layout of the shop floor, annual fire extinguisher and sprinkler tests, fire exits, ergonomically designer furniture along with well-lit and ventilated spaces. We would love for you to meet some of our talented stars. Come see us sometime?

Here is a brief video showcasing the working environment behind our creative process. Or the video with a caption here (Can also put a more fun montage video here.. will shoot one if ruby ji allows next time) The year gone by has been a testing one that has left a trail of devastation in its wake, and we understand how lives and livelihoods have been uprooted and upended. What’s more, the dawn of the digital age has seen many traditional screen printers lose their livelihoods, and we wanted to champion the vibrancy of their art form by engaging them to work all our products. The creative community has given us so much joy, and as a way of giving back, we recruit anyone that comes looking for a job, regardless of their experience. If need be, we start them out with humbler roles, like packaging boxes, and upskill them over time so that they can contribute not just productivity, but creativity to our future ideas and products.

Let’s find you something gorgeous, shall we?

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