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Our Collaborations

Our Collaborations


Costume fabric tote bags, notebooks and eyewear cases are handmade by sustainably recycling old fabric used in Royal opera House productions.

Handmade in the UK each bag is lined with a contrasting fabric and has an inside pocket with a Royal Opera House costume label sewn inside and a red crested label sewn outside in the side seam. The tote bags were delivered using an electric van to minimise carbon emissions on the whole process.

The notebooks are customised with the signature offcut and outline the story of the collaboration and detail which production the fabric is from.

Kapdaa was introduced to the Royal Opera House by Blue Patch who find sustainable products and services within the UK.


RÆBURN has increased its sustainable commitments through its partnership with KAPDAA – The Offcut Company, having already saved over 300 metres of surplus material from landfill under new initiative.

KAPDAA has made 3,000 RÆBURN notebooks from parachute materials, misprinted fabrics and unsold trousers, giving new value to spent items that could not otherwise be reworked.

Will Dixon, Operations Director at RÆBURN, said: “Working with KAPDAA, we have been able to extend this commitment, ensuring even the smallest pieces of waste find new use and avoid landfill. We have already sent around 300 metres of fabric to the team, who have created a range of premium notepads for customers to get added value from.”


Kapdaa had the pleasure of creating notebooks from offcuts of the Emilia Wickstead x Woolmark collection. This collaboration champions for sustainability and female empowerment in New Zealand with every stitch. From using the finest Marino wool came a collection that emanates elegance, pride, and sustainability.

The London-based designer Emilia Wickstead was inspired to use wool in an innovative collection that reimagined the textile as one of great versatility, not just as a winter fabric. After traveling to the pastures of Australia to see the source herself, she began moving forward with creating the collection while feeling more connected to nature as a whole.

Not only was nature a source of creative insight, but the strong women of her New Zealand homeland that have and will continue to pave the path for future for generations. The offcut notebooks highlight a few of these women and their inspiring stories of strength, perseverance, and creativity. The twelve stories include photographs of these women in the collection. Not only do the pictures show off the clothing pieces, but they radiate the fighting spirit of each woman who wears them. Together, Wickstead and The Woolmark Company created a line of innovative wool workwear that encapsulates a semblance of home and nostalgia.

The collaboration was also able to donate some proceeds to Smart Works—a charity that helps empower and dress underprivileged women in order to help them succeed in the workplace. The collection is made with sustainability and the planet in mind by using wool as it is a natural, recyclable, and biodegradable material. The eco-conscious collaboration continued its sustainable campaign by working with KAPDAA in creating notebooks out of the collection’s wool offcuts.


Now, if you’re reading this, you must have either some offcuts or are simply curious to see what we do, either way, a big hello from KAPDAA – The Offcut Company! Let us quickly introduce ourselves for the ones who’ve missed out: We here work with designers, mills and makers to try turn their offcuts, end of rolls, and other excess materials into unique, sustainable and branded products – notebooks, eye masks, luggage tags, passport holders and many more.

Each product is handcrafted and is supporting traditional skills like book binding and screen printing, something which resonates with the brands they work with. Over the past three years we have saved 5400 meters of fabric from going to landfill and have collaborated with over 250 brands, namely the National Portrait Gallery, The MET Museum, Selfridges and many more. With each establishment we’ve had a different story and experience, but in the end, the result was always positive.

In the case of our collaboration with the National Portrait gallery, we had a unique three-way collaboration with them and the Gainsborough Fine weavers and dye house. They were hosting an exhibition called the Gainsborough’s family album, and wanted to make the experience more memorable for the attendees. That’s when we came into the picture, as they had notebooks and note slip boxes made from their end of rolls, which were sold at the Museum’s shop.


As a sustainable business, we at KAPDAA strive to constantly expand our product range, so that we start to cover an array of day to day products. By doing so, we aim to reduce the need for new material to be produced to make these products. Currently, the fashion industry is close to being the largest polluter in the world! It’s no surprise, as to manufacture one T-shirt and a pair of jeans, the water consumption is more than 5000 gallons. Despite the use of all these resources, about 15% of the fabric produced ends up on the cutting room floor! This waste rate has been tolerated for decades, but no more. So, with that in mind, say hello to our latest addition! As the days start to get warmer and sunnier, we just had to keep up with the weather.

What’s so special about the case you ask? Well we’ve noticed that one of the most common issues faced by people who wear sunglasses or well any kind of glasses at all is the huge bulky case and the space it takes up in your bag.

Well we’ve got a solution for that! Our sunglass case is collapsible and folds down flat, reducing the amount of space it takes up. Completely magnetic, it has no buttons, making it easy to use. The best part of it all? Since it’s made from offcuts, no new fabric has to be produced to make it.

Have Offcuts you don’t know what to do with? Interested in collaborating? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s get sustainably stylish with KAPDAA!


Founded in 2013 Crùbag was a result of Jessica Giannotti’s (Founder) immense love for the oceans, marine science and the arts. As a student of Marine science, she found inspiration from the unique, hidden world underwater, especially on the beautiful west coast of Scotland. Her background and skills help her in designing and developing products that tell the story behind the inspiration.

Their textile collections are a collaborative effort with the research done by marine scientists. Their collections are linked to knowledge based campaigns to raise awareness and open lines of discussion on some of the biggest environmental issues that are affecting the world at the moment. Every story is linked to a scientific discovery in the form of beautiful booklets, tags and cards accompanying their products, like scarves and foulards to pocket squares and bow ties, all manufactured using natural fabrics such as silks, linen and blends. The way they propagate their message and educate their customers without sending them into panic mode is admirable. Their use of design- which can be described as organic, kaleidoscopic and playful- is carefully incorporated with hidden meanings and messages of Eco-friendliness and knowledge of the ocean.

Taking the medley of playful design and the message of reducing waste forward, we started the dialogue to collaborate. Sustainability is at the core of their company as is ours. Their products are all eco-friendly, made with the people and mainly the environment in mind. They believe in custom-made slow fashion and organic growth. Our collaboration has been an interesting one. Their offcuts were made from natural fabrics – which made for beautiful notebook covers. With our mutual drive and passion for sustainability, quite many similarities could be seen. From the company ethos, and promoting traditional craftsmanship to seeking sustainable forms of printing and avoiding the use of plastic as much as possible.


We’re delighted to be working with Liz Nehdi on an exciting new product range of offcut eye masks, made exclusively from the excess materials from her stunning silk scarves, kimonos, handkerchiefs and pocket squares.

With each gorgeous silk print eye mask as pretty as a tropical bloom, we know that they would make the perfect gift for frequent travellers and light sleepers alike! To ensure maximum comfortability for the wearer, they feature silk chiffon fronts with matching smooth silk backs, and are finished with an elasticated strap.

And even better, each bespoke eye mask is packaged within our new muslin bags, as we’re moving away from plastic wrapping towards more eco-friendly solutions. These bags are a fantastic opportunity to add your own branding to our offcut products. This is just one of the ways that we are making a little less waste for the environment by reusing fabrics that would have otherwise gone to waste. This way, we are giving them a new lease of life whilst also saving our planet.

Also with beautifully handcrafted notebooks to match, what more could you ask for with these silk-bound offcuts products! With a wide collection of bold prints and vibrant bursts of colours to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice with this new accessories range: from the Floracion de la Esperanza print eye mask to the Orianda’s Wake notebook.


Exclusively created for Edinburgh Castle, these bespoke handcrafted notebooks are the epitome of prestige and luxury… We’re proud to be part of the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017 with a fantastic collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland on an exciting new product development. The highly esteemed design reflects the rich history of Scotland with grey, blue, royal red and gold embedded throughout to celebrate the Crown Jewels held within the Castle’s doors.

This rich tweed was woven with the finest 100% lambwool from Knockando’s mill in Spey Valley, Scotland and we’ve also worked with their genuine Edinburgh Castle tartan cloth. In this tailor-made notebook design, we have incorporated intricate gold foiling on the end papers for that added touch of opulence!

Our products are the perfect holiday gifts to give this holiday season, so make sure your final orders are in soon to bring a special smile to someone’s face this Christmas!


We are so happy to be working with MissPrint to give a new purpose to their beautiful screen-printed fabrics, wallpapers and furnishings! Together we have produced a range of A5 handcrafted notebooks, with a special twist!

As visual design is essential to the brand’s ethos, wallpaper samples were placed throughout the pages in a variety of colours from their collection! This is a excellent way of showcasing the materials so that people can interact and engage with them. We also added an expandable pocket to the back of the notebooks, which is a great feature for keeping any spare notes in place!

The founders – Yvonne and Rebecca Drury – developed their inspiration for these contemporary designs by being influenced strongly by nature and Scandinavian mid-century design. Each pattern is bursting with character, as they are all uniquely hand-drawn and feature non-perfect quirks. This particular example is from their Little Trees wallpaper which displays intricate illustrations of trees, and is available in 19 colours! So each notebook is filled with vibrant shades ranging from Aquamarine, Moss, to Chilli!

Kapdaa is thrilled to be a part of this new adventure with MissPrint, and we’re delighted to see their wallpapers being used in a innovative new way! 


Or find that they are just too tiny to use for something else? Wouldn’t you love to find a sustainable way to reuse them without throwing them away? We’ve had our thinking hats on for months at the Kapdaa office to come up with an ingenious new product for your smaller offcuts, because we’re always looking for the best solutions towards our zero waste goal. As every piece matters to us, we wanted to create something new with the odd shaped offcuts which aren’t big enough to cover our bespoke notebooks. We are delighted that all our hard work and creativity has led to us creating these fantastic new pens which can be covered with your leftover fabric or wallpaper!

Rather than your beautiful materials taking up space at the back of your supplies cupboard, you could be making the best out of your waste with this new range of products as your smaller offcuts would now have a long-lasting purpose and you’d be able to sell them on to your customers! So now you’ll be able to cash in on those teeny-tiny offcuts!

This is a great opportunity to reuse your own fabrics to market your brand, as these personalised pens would be perfect to add to your current range of products or accessories, especially if they were to match your offcut notebooks! I mean who wouldn’t want to have a matching pen to go with their notebook?! Pen Specifications and Features: Type: Twist-action ballpoint pen. Clip: Branding opportunity with logo engraving. Barrel: Encased with your fabric or wallpaper offcuts. Ink: Each cartridge runs for 800 metres, refills are easily replaceable. Parker refills can be used too. Cover/Packaging: Available in a bespoke box, velvet pouch, or a pouch created from your fabric offcuts!

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Kapdaa, so we don’t want any scraps of your beautiful materials to go to waste. These pens are just a simple way that we can help you contribute towards zero waste within the fabric industry by using the offcut of an offcut!

Writing has never looked so good!


Every time we get a new order and receive offcuts, it’s a surprise to see what we have to work with. RAH & Co’s offcut notebook was a real design challenge.  The finished pictures speak for themselves, but we are excited to share the whole story with you…

RAH & Co’s creates deer leather bags, interior design items and small accessories from hides that would otherwise go unused.  Keen to adopt a ‘zero waste’ policy, the company liaised with Kapdaa to find a productive use for its offcuts. Our journey to create the offcut notebooks for them started off with a question mark, where we received a range of really tiny pieces of left overs. They were beautiful offcuts, but not big enough to make for complete covers of the notebooks. With our commitment to provide a sustainable solution and the brands belief in us, our research and development team started putting some ideas together.

Looking at the image of the finished product, you will be able to understand, holistically how it all came together. We started with the spine of the notebook where the offcuts went, to complement the look and texture of these offcuts, black paper was chosen for the rest of the body, making it look seamless. Finally the ‘midas’ touch, to complete the look, the company logo was embossed in copper and silver onto the paper covers to match the leather spines.  The chic and stylish look fitted the brand ethos.   And, to further underline the company values, the RAH & Co brand story was printed on the notebook flyleaf.

The finished notebooks are a great marriage of product innovation, sustainability and brand enhancement.  Another winner for team Kapdaa, widening our horizons and giving us an opportunity to work not only with a new material but also with the smallest of offcuts.  Once again we demonstrated that we can successfully create good looking, sustainable products from unlikely materials.  Smiles all round and a big thank you to RAH & Co.  It’s brands like these that strengthen our commitment to working for a sustainable future for us all.

Rosemary at RAH & Co commented, “We are delighted with our notebooks.  They are fun, useful and really well made. We love the idea of giving new life to offcuts.  It is a great concept and fits totally with our company philosophy of making beautiful products from natural materials that otherwise would be destroyed.  Huge thanks to Sophie, Nish and the Kapdaa team for an excellent service.” 


The world of KAPDAA – The Offcut Company has been determined to bring niche, customised and signature notebooks, celebrating your brand’s identity. Courtesy of the designer offcuts we receive which facilitates our continuous endeavour towards promoting sustainability, together we have been successful in making a ‘note-able’ change in the world we all live in as one big family.

Taking a leap of faith, from here on, our research team has come up with a whole new unique and interesting proposition of creating a range of specialised notebooks. With Noticeable Notebooks, we create an opportunity for PR/Client/Consumer to see a visual narrative of the thought process behind your collections’ journey. Usually, coffee table books are often looked through a hand full of times, ending up in a pile on the side or simply disposed of. With the Noticeable Notebooks doubling up as a handy notebook that would not be the case. Noticeable notebooks are a mix of a coffee table book and a notebook.

We would like to share with you the images for our first Noticeable Notebook client, Ruban Couture, a luxury class Russian fashion brand, the hallmark of the designer duet Alice and Julia Ruban. Reflecting Ruban’s personality with their complex cut and unrepeatable style. Original sketches from their design team are dispersed throughout the Noticeable Notebooks, with a special brand motif printed on the corner of each page as a subtle logo placement, providing continuous leverage to the brand.

This Christmas lets spread the cheers for people to get up, take ‘notice’ and take ‘note’ of your Brands Prestigious Identity through Noticeable notebooks


For the free-spirits, the truth-seekers and the quiet contemplators Morris & Co. For the past 150 years, William Morris has been regarded as the greatest designer and one of the most outstanding figures of the Arts and Crafts Movement. During his life time, Morris produced items in a great range of crafts including creating embroideries, tapestries and stained-glass, but probably most famous of all was his designs for wallpaper and textiles.

KAPDAA are thrilled to have taken part in the launch of the new Morris and Co. collection – ‘Pure Morris’. This range comprises of seven ethereal fabrics and eight wallpaper designs that experiment with beading, crushed glass techniques and scale; Drawing on Morris’ values of craftsmanship and expertly executed patterns, this collection is one of pure simplicity, pure sophistication and PURE MORRIS. Designed and produced for the ‘Pure Morris’ press event we created some notebooks using one of Morris’ most iconic designs. ‘Pure Strawberry Thief’ is a pared back and neutral interpretation of the original Morris ‘Strawberry Thief’ design, which was produced for the first time in 1883. These beautiful notebooks gave a sneak peek at the amazing ‘Pure Morris’ collection to all of the lucky people that attended the event. The printing and ribbon compliments the simplicity and sophistication of the ‘Pure Morris’ collection, keeping the colours muted and the message clear.

The KAPDAA team were a pleasure to work with, nothing was too much trouble and they understood the importance of producing high quality notebooks that would represent the essence of our collection. All those who received them were delighted and we couldn’t help keeping a few for ourselves too!

Let’s find you something gorgeous, shall we?

Welcome to the #KAPDAAFam!

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