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Our Story

Love, passion and an undying commitment to making a difference in every small way. These are just a few of the ingredients that go into the making of our dream, every day. Where the world sees discarded textile on the floor of a workshop, we see dazzling possibilities.
It’s what drives us to wake up in the morning, put on our creative hats, grab an espresso and dream up products that turn fabric waste into products that people will cherish and celebrate. Our creative juices work overtime thinking of ways to breathe new life into fashion waste, and have saved over 10,000 meters of fabric going to landfill over the last 3 years. This journey which began with a bookmark crafted in a studio at our Co-Founder Nish’s mother’s studio has now grown to a sustainable business working with avant garde designers and brands like you!

Join us in creating something fun, inspirational, and sustainable, because we don’t just make products; we’re looking to make a difference in our own unique way.

Our Beginnings - A note from the founder

“Playing at my mother’s feet in her fashion studio, I dreamed up endless creative possibilities for the unused fabric dotting the floor. Many years later, when some of these textile pieces and I were on first name basis, I picked one up and crafted a one-of-a-kind bookmark. I didn’t even know it, but that first offcut marked a fresh chapter of my life, which told a story of eco-friendly, sustainable products that were a labour of love. My simple idea of making something out of nothing struck a chord with brands, designers, and clients worldwide and KAPDAA – The OFFCUT COMPANY was born.

But this is not enough, a lot of work is still to be done. And after working with >300 designers over the last few years we recently launched THE SUSTAINABLE HUB – The perfect green garment manufacturing solution where you will witness our obsessive commitment to being green across the entire value chain with low minimum orders and quick turnaround times.

We also need to spread our offcut message to a wider audience offering sustainable, quality products that are also affordable. This is what we hope to achieve with our ecommerce platform - a website that brings you upcycled quality products from a range of designers.

I hope you’ll join me as we continue on our journey towards building a zero waste industry one bookmarked story at a time..

Our Solutions

THE OFFCUT COMPANY – Our perfect zero waste solution for designers/brands looking for sustainable and creative ways to upcycle and monetize their end of rolls, extra material and other offcuts

THE SUSTAINABLE HUB – Our one stop shop for anyone looking for a sustainable garment manufacturing solution. The end to end process, right from raw materials to the packaging and shipping functions as the perfect lean, mean and green machine to meet the highest standards of eco-friendliness

The ETHICAL SHOP – As we continue to work our way to a zero waste industry successful we need as many people on board as we can and that’s what we hope to achieve through our e-commerce platform

Our Partners

It's been an exciting journey so far, but we have big dreams and a long, long way to go. While its fun to ride alone, it is even better when you have some partners to keep you company. And boy! have we been lucky!

We feel blessed to be associated with these amazing organizations that have supported us as we work towards building a zero waste industry, one piece at a time!

Let’s find you something gorgeous, shall we?

Welcome to the #KAPDAAFam!

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