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The Offcut Company

The Offcut Company

At KAPDAA, we work with progressive designers and artists (like you!) to turn your beautiful offcuts into bespoke, unique, and sustainable products such as Notebooks, Journals, Tote bags, Sunglass Cases and many more, which can be sold as limited editions, gifted as customer purchase products, used for marketing / PR or at trade shows which reflect their commitment to sustainability. This gives fabric waste a new lease of life, and over the past 3 years we have saved over 10,000 meters of fabric from going to landfill. We have collaborated with over 300 brands and designers such as Selfridges, DAKS, Morris & Co, Little Greene, Altfield, Raeburn, National Portrait Gallery to name a few as we seek to create a global wave of sustainable change, one gorgeous, eco-friendly product at a time.

What is an offcut?

Ever wondered what happens to all the fabric leftover after your favorite piece of clothing is made, or for that matter end of rolls, or misprints, or fabric hangers, or sample designs etc.? We call this fabric waste ‘offcuts’, and every second, a truck dumps up to 10 cubic meters of this fabric waste into a landfill. You can only imagine the ecological toll of this wastefulness.

At KAPDAA, we believe there is a better way to look good and save the planet while we’re at it. We creatively repurpose this off-cast textile to create one-off, handmade products that make a fashion statement, sustainably.

Offcut Products

Offcuts come in various sizes, materials and specifications. We understand these differences and value them. Over the years our team has developed various products that showcase the offcuts in the best possible way, while ensuring each product has great utility and finish.

Some products we have made so far include:
1. Notebooks - A5, A6
2. Journals - Doodle, Gratitude, Health and Wellness, Planners
3. Hair Accessories - Scrunchies, Headbands
4. Bags and Purses - Totes, Shoppers, Slings, Clutches, Pouches, Yoga Mat Bags, Shoe Bags
5. Travel Accessories - Neck Pillows, Luggage Tags, Passport Covers
6. Other Home & Lifestyle Products - Card Wallets, Sunglass Cases, Picture Frames, Planters, Note Slip Boxes, Reusable Fabric Gift Wraps
7. Pet Accessories - Leashes, Collars, Bow Ties, Bandanas

and many more. You can check out some of these products here.

How does it work?

You can upcycle your offcuts in to custom, beautiful, limited edition handcrafted pieces in a few super easy steps. Take for instance our notebooks

Step 1 – Measure the extra material you want to repurpose and tell us what you’d like to use the notebooks for

Step 2 – Choose your notebook size, paper type, and a template from our many options designed to suit all your needs

Step 3 – Send us your offcuts, and anything else we can put to creative use

Step 4 – Have a message you want to share? Let us know, and we’ll have it added… And that’s it! Sit back and relax while our talented elves work their magic..

Step 5 – And poof... before you know it…We ship your order, as part of a larger order lot (because keeping a minimal carbon footprint is cool!)

What’s next?
Anything you imagine; the possibilities that can be spun out of these ‘offcuts’ are limitless. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Contact us with your ideas, and we’ll bring it to life.

Let’s find you something gorgeous, shall we?

Welcome to the #KAPDAAFam!

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