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The Sustainable Hub

The Sustainable Hub

Fashion problems..

They say world is a global village, home to artisans, craftsmen, and manufacturing lines of all types, shapes, and sizes. And so, it is no surprise to see the fashion industry pop up in all corners of the globe. But have you ever stopped to consider the environmental impact of this globalization of fashion?

What if we dreamed of a better, more sustainable way of doing business? What if we could bring it all under one roof?

And what if it was designed keeping in mind the needs of all designers, and not just big ticket brands?

Has your collection been restrictive due to the high MOQ’s?

Have you struggled to commit to sustainable packaging due to high orders with limited shelf life?

Do you find it hard to ship your various parts of production from one place to another?

Have you been worried about how the people who make your garments are treated? That’s a lot of questions, with one simple answer: our all-new venture <- THE SUSTAINABLE HUB. Born as a progressive solution to the ecological challenges of the fashion industry. Green never looked this good.


Facts Vogue Business states:

- E-commerce and the growing number of middle-class shoppers are leading to a glut of packaging waste even as landfills run full.

- Creating packaging that customers can reuse is superior to breaking items down for recycling, but reusable items tend to consume more resources in their initial production.

- Compostable packaging is an alternative, but it isn’t yet commercially viable on a mass scale.

An estimated 92 million tons of textile waste is created annually and is estimated to increase 60% by 2030 globally (acc. to Global Fashion) A sample study of four factories producing approx. 300,000 garments showed that on average, 14% of fabrics reaching the cutting room became cutting scraps (acc. to Wrap UK)


KAPDAA’s Sustainable Hub will transform how our customers work as a business and as a brand. The Hub is a one-stop Green Garment manufacturing solution that not only manufactures products to the highest sustainable standards, but also recycles manufacturing waste and turns it into profitable add-on products.

Right from eco friendly material which is grown organically on our farms to the packaging in our own biodegradable, compostable materials, the end to end process is achieved in an environmentally friendly workplace with a progressive welfare policy.

Currently, The Hub is based on a 23 acre agricultural land located on the outskirts of Mumbai to benefit designers and SMEs worldwide by giving them the most competitive pricing for sustainable goods.


The Sustainable Hub is a lean, mean, green machine that offers designers worldwide a 360° degree, one-stop solution for garment manufacturing.

With a wide array of eco-friendly services under one roof, including unique, fully circular production processes for green garment manufacturing, repurposing offcuts, and producing fully biodegradable packaging onsite, why go elsewhere?.

What’s more, our zero waste philosophy helps designers showcase a circular, sustainable supply chain model that puts employees and the environment first.

Key Features of The Hub

Manufacturing and agro processing run through solar panels

Smaller offcuts shredded into fillers, achieving zero waste

100% biodegradable packaging grown and produced in the Hub

Plastic bags replaced with corn starch bags, grown and processed onsite

Plastic coated labels replaced with paper, recycled from cow manure/dry leaves

Chemical inks for printing replaced by organic ink, created onsite

Corrugated boxes replaced with recycled paper, starch boxes, and paper tapes

All human waste used as fertiliser for crops

Our relationship with over 300 designers will enable us to tailor the hub to meet their unique requirements. Get in touch to find out how we can help kick start your sustainable fashion journey!

In Few Words

A facility where the entire supply chain is circular… not just the finished goods but also the manufacturing waste and the packaging. A facility which not only addresses the environmental impact of fashion but also tackles human welfare issues such as working conditions, wellbeing, fair pay and women’s empowerment.

All this while addressing the needs of designers and brands, big or small alike. Now imagine several such hubs popping up worldwide. Sounds Utopian doesn’t it? Well that’s what we are aiming for. Sounds ambitious we know… but this is already in action!

The Hub will have everything produced from the ground and will allow things to be put back into ground without harming the planet.

Sustainable and Innovative Material

Corn plantation to create biodegradable bags - Bio degradable Bags & film making proposed machines Printing ink for paper from below plantations: Beetroot, Coffee beans, Flowers, Leaves, Spinach, Orange, Black tea, Walnuts, Cabbage etc.

Paper manufacturing from organic waste: Animal waste, Sugarcane waste (to be sourced from locally),

Plastic coated labels replaced with paper, recycled from cow manure/dry leaves Potato plantation for packing tapes: Aim to create a small greenhouse with dark black soil Gummed Paper Tape is an adhesive tape made from renewable natural resources like paper and adhesive of potato starch. Contains NO plastic

Organic recycled paper & starch for corrugated packaging boxes: Paper is fed into the corrugator, where it is steam-heated and pressed to form corrugated cardboard. One roll of cardboard is corrugated and then glued between two other layers. Corn starch glue bonds the corrugated medium (wavy layer) to the liners (layers of paper). To research if the recycled paper from animal waste will be suitable as replacement for brown paper.

Natural glue: Natural adhesives are made from organic sources such as natural resins and dextrin. The base material will be created from starch obtained by corn, wheat, potato and pea plantation.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

KAPDAA was established on two mottos - Reduce waste and Human welfare / equality in the fashion industry. Team members are recruited through a fair process (blind applications) and jobs are offered on the merit of the applicant regardless of their background or gender. The Hub carries forward the same recruitment process. Additionally it will support local women empowerment campaigns.

We aim to support as many people possible in the world with our commitment to Human Welfare (working conditions, wellbeing, fair pay, equal opportunities etc) regardless of where they are based and their background.

Ecological Site Construction

Sustainable materials like bamboo / straw bales / wood / rammed earth etc. are used to create the production unit + other buildings at the hub. Electricity for the entire hub to be created by Solar panels: on a power sharing basis with the local community.

Self-contained waste water management system installed with a view of using it as alternate to fertilizers too

Let’s find you something gorgeous, shall we?

Welcome to the #KAPDAAFam!

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