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Have you ever wondered what happens to all the fabric leftover after your favorite piece of clothing is made? Then there is the matter end of rolls, or misprints, or fabric hangers, or sample designs etc. We call this fabric waste ‘offcuts’, and every second, a truck dumps up to 10 cubic meters of this fabric waste into a landfill. You can only imagine the ecological toll of this wastefulness.

Very often designers/ brands don’t know what to do with these offcuts. Wonderfully aware consumers like yourself often reach out to us to buy our ethically manufactured limited edition products. So… we did the obvious.

Having worked with >300 brands/ designers such as DAKS, Christopher Raeburn, Mary Katrantzou and backed by London Fashion Fund we took a step forward in building a zero waste industry and spreading the sustainable message by launching KAPDAA offcut products for consumers on our ecommerce platform.

Come join us on this journey to build a greener future together!

Our Essence

Our hand-crafted, sustainable, and upcycled branded products always reflect the unique tastes of its creators. With an aesthetic that is bold, yet down-to-earth, we epitomize elegance and fine craftsmanship that is truly timeless.

Where some might see waste on a workshop floor, we see a world of dazzling possibilities. It’s what drives us to wake up in the morning, put on our creative hats, grab an espresso, and dream up products that turn fabric waste into products using small-scale, high-end artisans. Our creative juices work overtime thinking of ways to breathe new life into fashion waste, and have saved over 6,400 meters of fabric going to landfill over the last 3 years.

Our Beginnings - A Note From the Founder

“Playing at my mother’s feet in her fashion studio, I dreamed up endless creative possibilities for the unused fabric dotting the floor. Many years later, when some of these textile pieces and I were on first name basis, I picked up one and crafted a one-of-a-kind bookmark. I didn’t even know it, but that first offcut marked a fresh chapter of my life, which told a story of eco-friendly, sustainable products that were a labour of love.

My simple idea of making something out of nothing struck a chord with brands, designers, and clients worldwide and KAPDAA – THE OFFCUT COMPANY was born.

But this was not enough, a lot of work is still to be done. After working with >300 designers and brands over the last few years we recently launched THE SUSTAINABLE HUB – The perfect green garment manufacturing solution where you will witness our obsessive commitment to being green across the entire value chain with low minimum orders and quick turnaround times.

We also need to spread our offcut message to a wider audience offering sustainable, quality products that are also affordable. This is what we hope to achieve with our ecommerce platform - a website that brings you upcycled quality products from a range of designers.

I hope you’ll join me as we continue on our journey towards building a zero waste industry one bookmarked story at a time."

Sustainability First, Always

Sustainability is something we hold very dear to our hearts, and something we weave into every product lovingly handcrafted for you. After all, we have just one planet to look after, and there’s no planet B to speak of!

At every step of the way, our obsessive commitment to being sustainable shines through. Be it the eco-friendly material we use, the ethical and fair manufacturing process, the conscious packaging or even shipping. Going green never looked this good.
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