Kapdaa joins Sublime Magazine’s list of The 2018 Greenovators – KAPDAA - The Offcut Company

Kapdaa joins Sublime Magazine’s list of The 2018 Greenovators

Kapdaa joins Sublime Magazine’s list of The 2018 Greenovators

Business has always been assumed to be driven by profit, but enter here a new generation who are installing their ethics from the ground up, contributing to build a more sustainable & fairer future.



If you work in textiles and are wondering what to do with the extra ends of rolls and offcuts that pile up each season, then KAPDAA could be the answer. The Offcut Company, as they call themselves, collaborate with fashion and interior designers to repurpose their existing excess materials from the cutting floor to create beautiful day-to-day products, solving the cloth waste management issue.

KAPDAA endeavour to change the perception that upcycled products are not good quality or are too expensive. Offcuts and ends of rolls can all be reused to make excellent everyday products.

The company started their sustainable journey with their signature notebooks, and have since expanded their range of offerings to create luggage tags, passport holders, eye masks, slippers, coin pouches and more for their clients. KAPDAA also aim to preserve traditional craft skills such as bookbinding and screen-printing, so that these rapidly depleting trades continue to prosper in future.

The company’s clientele comprises a mix of mills, textile designers and interior designers. Their collaborations include British one-man-band businesses, shoemakers in LA, Paris weavers, New York-based fashion houses and even Belgian pram makers and Scottish and Italian mills.

KAPDAA’s zero-waste concept, with its streamlined form of waste transformation, allows for all kinds of post-production materials to be infused with fresh purpose. Offcut pieces as small as 4 x 8cm can be transformed into new products, creating sustainable quality goods.


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