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10 Sustainable Fashion Brands you must check out right now!

10 Sustainable Fashion Brands you must check out right now!

Everyone’s going sustainable. It’s overtaking the fast fashion industry and its gonna overtake the world. Our favorite fashion brands, be it haute-couture or ready-to-made brands, are all going sustainable and slow fashion is making it happen.

We have brought to you our finest list of some amazing fashion brands that are all about sustainability and slow fashion. These clothing brands have the best clothes out there that you must check out!

Here’s our list of Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands

  1. Natalia Trevino Amaro



If you don’t know Natalia, you’re probably living under a rock. Her brand is all about slow fashion and she’s a vlogger too, so not only can you see the process to assure yourself but also buy her super affordable and cute sustainable clothes.

She has all kinds of clothes, custom-made, haute couture, dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories. Everything you need to make your closet fashionable and sustainable is available at her shop here: https://www.nataliatrevinoamaro.com/shop

  1. Tentree



Tentree is the one brand that fulfills every apparel need of yours and if you’re a fashion nerd just like us, or just a fashion enthusiast next door you must check them out if you haven’t already because Tentree is famous and known most for the cutest quality, they plant trees for every apparel item you purchase. With some amazing discounts and a fulfilling cause, it’s only fair to check them out here: https://tentree.eu/


  1. Bamford



Bamford is the one-stop to make to satisfy yourself with the best sustainable fashion products. They have amazing outfits for all, starting from dresses to loungewear to babies, they cover everything when it comes to fashion. Their products keep us stylish and comfortable, it’s your chance to buy something cool too.

Check their shop here: https://www.bamford.com/uk/

  1. Scout



Looking for something classy and chic for the evening or looking for something cool and funky, whatever your wish may be, Scout- The Label is here to provide you with the best sustainable clothes in the coolest designs. We’re talking swimwear, loungewear, jumpers, jackets, dresses and so much more. This Australian label is here to give the best of sustainability and all of these products are handmade. They have been playing it fair for a long and it’s time to play fair with them, get something sustainable here: https://scout-thelabel.com/


  1. Arlo


 Arlo is an American Sustainable Clothing brand that specializes in the making of amazing capsule wardrobes that suggest different ways in which several outfits can be restyled to fit your purpose. They have the cutest outfits to suit everywhere you go and with free shipping all across, we don’t see a reason you should wait!

So, get your hands on these amazing designs and start making your very own capsule wardrobes, that’s the sustainable way!

Shop here: https://www.shoparlo.com/

  1. Jeanerica Jeans


Jeanerica is bringing a revolution in the jeans industry, changing the face of the denim industry, bit by bit as they take over with their sustainable mindset. If you’re a denim fan and planning ongoing sustainable, here’s a chance for you because you’ll find the coolest prints on denim and everyday-use denim on Jeanira Jeans. They have the best jeans for you and they have more.

Buy one for you here: https://jeanerica.com/en


  1. Parallel Apparel


Alisha Marie and Ashley Marie, the successful and ever-entertaining YouTubers are entering the fashion industry with their amazing brand, Parallel Apparel where all clothes are ethically sourced and locally made in Los Angeles. These clothes are the coolest for so many reasons but our favorite part is how two fabrics have been reversed to make some amazing pieces. They have the coolest collection of bucket hats that go with every look ever, there is so much more they offer. 

You need to check them out and here’s where: https://www.parallelapparel.com/

  1. Oh Polly


Oh, Polly gives you the feels of an amazing evening with the always-classy collection of outfits they produce and they are proud to be ethical. With the amazing deals they have in their shops, you don’t have to think twice before spending your money. The quality is top-notch and they have used the best fabrics at their disposal for your comfort. You will find all sorts of dresses, like corsets, mini-dresses, maxi-dresses, and body-con dresses that suit your style and suit the environment.

Buy the best of the best here: https://www.ohpolly.com/

  1. Omnes


All women are in luck. Omnes is a sustainable fashion brand that not only emphasizes the idea of sustainability but uses sustainability in the best ways possible. The designs are all fascinating and beautiful, intricate and comfortable. The satin dresses, the corsets, co-ords, and more are all available at the most affordable prices and you need to get yourself something, now!

Check them out here: https://www.omnes.com/  


  1. Gerbase


Paula Gerbase’s Gerbase is all about sustainable clothing and jewelry, she aims to use what’s leftover like offcuts and more and designs them into something funky and gorgeous just for people like us. She makes us want to make the best of waste and her brand is doing it right!

Find the quirkiest collection of tops, dresses and skirts, and more at the prices you’ll love right here: https://gerbase.com/


Sustainability can be fun, quirky, cool, and chic while giving us all that fast fashion can give and give more to the environment. Everyone’s doing their bit and we hope this helps you take that leap in faith and take those actions you’ve been procrastinating about. If you haven’t thought about it yet, buy from these amazing brands and take steps towards being eco-friendly.

We’ll be back with more, till then, stay sustainable.

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