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5 eco-friendly gifts that he will love!

5 eco-friendly gifts that he will love!

5 eco-friendly gifts that he will love! 

Finding gifts for the special men in your life is hard, isn't it? Be it your boyfriend, husband, father, or your BFF, buying them Christmas gifts that they'll appreciate can be quite a task. After all, just how many more deodorants and t-shirts can they horde? Add to it the pressure of picking something eco-friendly, and most people will want to give up already! 

We're here to tell you to calm down. We might not be Superman, but we sure have a list of thoughtful eco-friendly gifts for him that you can pick from. Not only are these gifts unique, but they're also friendlier to Earth and nature. Now that's two legit reasons he'll love these gifts this Christmas. 

So, curious? 

The top 5 eco-friendly gifts for men

This list here contains gift ideas that'll make Christmas a little more merrier for your loved one as well as Mother earth. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted and tells tales of bespoke ethical craftsmanship. Simply put, each gift has a story to tell. 

1. Gratitude Journal

In a society where men are told to be strong and benevolent, we often forget that even powerful men have their weak moments. But it is those exact moments that make them human. And lovable. Celebrate those moments with this exquisitely crafted gratitude journal

Each journal embodies illustrations, ideas, prompts, and reflective exercises to help your man reflect within. The 120 GSM recycled paper is the perfect invitation for him to write, think, draw, or simply doodle his thoughts away. Wrapped in a beautiful silk floral offcut, each journal looks different from the other, giving it a unique touch. Lastly, we've also added a happiness pocket to the cover to capture and hold all his special collectibles. 

This Christmas, gift your man empathy, gratitude, and a touch of excitement with this coveted gratitude journal. 

2. Picture frame

Does your man love to click pictures? If yes, then this might just be it. Commemorate your best memories with him with this gorgeous, one-off, picture frame. The rich textile wrapping of the frame has been sourced ethically from offcuts from Altfield, a leading resource for beautiful textiles, wallcoverings, and leather. 

Since each piece is made from a different offcut, it goes without saying that every frame is unique, just like the relationship you share with him. 

You simply can't go wrong with handcrafted, upcycled, and ethically sourced picture frames. 

3. Yoga mat bag

This is the perfect gift for all those fitness-conscious men who spend more time exercising than anywhere else. Lugging around those yoga mats from the gym and back can be a tad frustrating for him. But what if we told you there's a gift that can not only help him carry the yoga mat but also make him look fashionable while doing so. 

Our bespoke yoga mat bags are crafted from designer offcuts and designed locally to promote artisans. Moreover, the beautiful bag also has added pockets to carry water bottles, shoes, and everything else. 

Take this opportunity to not just gift your S/O a thoughtful gift but also something that promotes his well-being. 

4. Card wallet

If you've ever set eyes on a man's wallet, you're well aware of how thick and ungainly they look. Stuffed with notes, cards, and other trinkets, most wallets are all but tearing at the seams. 

Our slim card wallet, lean-built, with a designer finish, crafted from a gorgeous offcut, is the perfect solution to these woes. It fits in every pocket without making it bulge and keeps all the cards and pocket change organized and easily accessible. 

5. Sunglass case

Rocking good-looking shades make guys look hot. But only if those shades are well maintained. Keeping those shades safe from damage is an entire task in itself. Save your man the trouble by gifting him this designer sunglass case. Beautiful Tropical Foliage print, a sturdy design, and sustainability make this case the perfect Christmas eco-friendly gift. 

And the best part? It folds completely flat when not in use, making it easy to carry around. 

With Christmas right around the corner, it's time to start shopping for your special someone. And with our curated list, it can't get any easier! So, visit Kapdaa.com today and place your orders before we sell out!

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