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2017 Diaries

2017 Diaries


A fresh new start of the year, it’s just not about a change in date, day or year.

It is the vision that you have for the coming year.

An organisation or a brand can simply hand over a ‘plain jane’ neat looking diary with a calendar and lined pages to its employees/customers


You can choose to make a bold and a conscious statement by creating an offcut notebook, diary or planner. Creating an image that speaks volumes about your brand’s ethos and its sustainable values.

To make it interesting we suggest, intersperse it with images of the brand’s journey, samples and stories, to inspire, and motivate the end user. Providing that ‘feel good’ factor when they write down their thoughts, pen down ideas and proudly flaunt their stylish new diaries. A piece of their favourite brand that has now become memorabilia for the coming year.

Your beautiful offcut designs, used to create these elegant diaries, would make for excellent new year gifts, that are not only ethical and user-friendly, but also make for a great branding opportunity.

As the end of the year approaches we call out to you, to make a small investment in your clients, to invest in sustainability, and to invest in creating your own collection of bespoke offcut 2017 diaries together with Kapdaa – The Offcut Company.

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