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5 eco-friendly gifts for a budget-friendly Christmas 

5 eco-friendly gifts for a budget-friendly Christmas 

The holiday season is here. The dreary 2021 year is finally giving way to Christmas cheer, good old family fun, and gorgeous festivities all around. We're sure you've got a long list of family and friends that you're going to invite over to your place. It can be quite an elaborate, expensive affair. Decorating your place, sprucing up your porch, setting up the Christmas tree, cooking all the delicacies, and of course, the gifts. Many of you would be dreading the hole that will be burnt in your pocket in the next few months. 

Fortunately for you, we're here and we've brought with us a list of gorgeous, thoughtful gifts that are affordable yet unique. These gifts are perfect for every member of your band, be it your fitness-freak brother or your artsy BFF. After all, the thought behind the gift matters more than the price tag, right? 

And the best part? They're all sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethically sourced. So, they're not just pocket-friendly and amazing, they're also great for the Earth. 

Keep reading to find some amazing gift ideas to surprise your loved ones this Christmas. 

5 eco-friendly gifts that are perfect for those on a budget

Fabric gift wraps

Gift-giving forms the crux of all Christmas celebrations. Elaborately wrapped in shiny papers, tens of boxes are lined up under the Christmas tree. 

But wait! 

What if we tell you there's a better way to wrap your presents? Fabric gift wraps are a two-in-one gift. Firstly, it makes the gift box look absolutely gorgeous with its patterns. And secondly, the recipient can choose to reuse the cover in a multitude of ways! 

Unlike conventional wrapping paper that'll simply end up in the landfill, fabric wraps are eco-friendly and reusable. Moreover, they've been handcrafted from designer offcuts, making them sustainable. 

Hand warmers

The Christmas season is heralded by the winters. Chilly winds and frosty temperatures mean everyone is usually cold and shivering. Who wouldn't love a little extra warmth during this time? 

If you've got a loved one that likes being warm and comfy then our hand warmers are the perfect gift for them! 

Made out of repurposed designer offcuts, each one has unique patterns like no other. They're super comfortable and apt at keeping even the coldest hands warm. 

Easy to clean and beautiful to look at, these hand warmers are sure to become a staple for your loved one throughout the cold season. 

Yoga mat bag

The most thoughtful gifts are those that stem from the receiver's hobbies and passions. For those who love fitness, a gift that will help them work out is perfect. 

Our yoga mat bags are the perfect companions for your fit friends who love getting in an outdoor yoga session in the park every day. 

Crafted from repurposed designer offcuts, the bags sport a minimal, sleek look with two comfortable shoulder straps. There are also large pockets to store bottles, shoes, and everything else your friend needs for a workout. 

Stylish, sustainable, and considerate, it's the best gift for them! 

Travel neck pillow

Does your loved one travel a lot? We've all got that one person in our circle who's a travel junkie. Every time you call them up, they're in a different country altogether, exploring new places and making new memories. 

Wouldn't the perfect gift for them be one that supports this passion of theirs? 

Our travel pillow is the perfect companion for your explorer friend. It'll aid rest and comfort during all their long rides in trains, planes, and buses. It's made of soft, blue velvet and filled with recycled microfiber giving it a luxurious feel. Soft, comfy, it'll ensure your friends wake up well-rested and energetic for all their journeys. 

Tote bags

This is the perfect gift for all your shopaholic, fashion diva friends. When they spend more time at the mall than at home, it just makes sense to give them a gift that'll help them shop better. 

Enter 'designer tote bags made from offcuts'

Elaborate floral patterns coupled with ivory-colored cotton straps, each tote bag has a canvas inner lining and pocket to host all their trinkets. The bags are big enough to hold all their stuff while they go on shopping sprees. 

What's more, they look absolutely delightful with vibrant colors and smooth cloth.

So, all you need to do now is head over to Kapdaa.com, pick your choicest gifts, and watch your loved ones simply melt with joy! 

Now that's what we call a budget-friendly, merry Christmas. 

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