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5 tips for an eco-friendly Christmas

5 tips for an eco-friendly Christmas

Christmas is right upon us. And with the festive mood and celebrations, comes a mountain of gifts, wrapping paper, decorations, and food. While they're important aspects of a cheery Christmas, they do leave a negative impact on our planet. Fortunately, there are still a million ways to have an awesome Christmas without harming the environment. It's like they say, everyone deserves a merry Christmas, including Mother Earth. 

After a torrid 2021, we all need a little festive cheer to bring the color back in our cheeks. And with our tips, you can do that in a more environment-conscious and mindful way. From eco-friendly decorations to sustainable gifts, our comprehensive list will ensure your holidays are just as awesome as always, if not a little better. 

Five tips for a sustainable Christmas 

Bring home a sustainable Christmas tree

Christmas trees form the epicentre of all celebrations. From gift-giving to decorating, the tree brings us all together. It's important to keep in mind, though, to source only sustainably harvested, organic Christmas trees. 

This can be done by checking for the FSC certification for your tree. It's the only government certification that guarantees the tree has been sourced sustainably. For organic trees, you can look out for the Soil Association approval. 

For those who prefer bringing in artificial trees, try buying a second-hand one. There are dedicated online marketplaces that sell second-hand, recycled trees to reduce their environmental impact. 

Lastly, try not to dispose of the artificial tree right away. Store it safely in the attic and bring it out again next Christmas. 

Use sustainable, long-lasting decorations

Everyone loves spending time together, decorating the Christmas tree. It's an expression of love, creativity, and blissfulness. But these decorations, more often than not, end up in the waste bin. This Christmas, buy sustainable decorative items made of wood, fabric, or glass that can be reused over the years. Avoiding plastic and PVC items will go a long way in keeping your carbon footprint low. 

Take a look at our wreaths at Kapdaa.com. Each piece has been handcrafted sustainably, out of designer offcuts. With beautiful patterns and colors, each piece has a unique story to tell. 

Pick eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones

Gifts are exciting. And on Christmas, when you're surrounded by boxes and boxes of elaborately wrapped gifts, the child inside you gets exhilarated. 

Unfortunately, most of these gifts are never used and simply pile up in the attic. This Christmas, instead of splurging on items that have little practical use, try and pick gifts that are usable, sustainable, and ethically sourced. Or you can take your pick from our elaborate list of unique gifts handcrafted from designer offcuts. From doodle journals and bookmarks to tote bags and sunglass cases, there's a huge selection to choose from. And most importantly, none of these gifts will harm Earth. 

How eco-friendly is your gift wrapping paper? 

Most wrapping paper in the market is made of glossy plastic that isn't just unsustainable but also non-biodegradable. This time around, try and opt-out of this trend. There are many better ways to present your gifts. 

For instance, pick recycled paper made of biodegradable materials. You can also reuse wrapping paper saved from previous celebrations. 

If you want a more chic look, you could grab limited edition, handmade fabric gift wraps made from designer offcuts. They're reusable and make for a great multi-purpose wrap. 

Conscious shopping with reusable bags

Christmas is a time when everyone goes on a spending spree. There's simply so much shopping to do that there's no time to think. But wait! You could do your bit for the environment by using a reusable bag for your shopping. Instead of using those ugly plastic bags, pick one cloth or jute bag. Those bags are sturdy, reusable, and look great. 

If you want your shopping bag to look different, you could buy one of our multipurpose tote bags with colorful straps. Each bag is handmade from ethically sourced designer offcuts. And will look great all year round! 

Christmas is a time of immense merriment. It's a reminder of the love and affection we have for our near and dear ones. By celebrating an eco-friendly Christmas, you can share some of that love with our planet too. 

Merry Christmas! 

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