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What to do with your wallpaper offcuts

What to do with your wallpaper offcuts
Up-cycling your unused wallpaper offcuts!

A good wallpaper is designed with precision and expertise. The artistry of each design takes time and resources, so when leftover rolls sit unused, it is that time and those resources sitting as well. What is left may not be enough to cover a wall, but luckily we have some ideas of great products you can make from leftover wallpaper offcuts!


Notebooks, diaries, planners—oh my! These are just some of the examples of paper-bound products that can be made using wallpaper offcuts. See your wallpaper offcuts reimagined as the fashionable cover of a daily planner or as a beautiful two-page spread in a journal. For example, take a look at what we have done with Miss Print and Little Greene! Give them away as eco-friendly marketing products or sell them as new items.


Offcuts come in all sizes, and so do boxes! Whether you are looking for a gift box, box file, or card boxes, or something along those lines, you are in luck. Any box made from your offcuts can be used to store items, hold gifts, or organize papers all with the personal touch of your brand! Wanting to use some of the other ideas as sustainable marketing gifts? Put them in an a giftbox to wrap it all up!

(also check out our tissue boxes!)


If you really love your wallpaper designs, why not frame it? And why not display it in a frame made from your wallpaper offcuts as well? Show of your work or frame a precious photograph in an offcut frame. They work well at displaying any image as well as adding a decorative piece to any space.


Little Greene

Up-cycling your wallpaper offcuts is a great idea, not only for getting your money and time’s worth, but it is also great for the planet. These new products are also great for marketing and gifting with the added bonus of carrying a sustainable message. A lot of wallpaper is not able to be recycled due to adhesives, so they end up in the landfill when they could be given another chance as a brand new product. If your wallpaper can make a beautiful room, why wouldn’t the offcuts be able to do the same as new creations?

What do you want to do with your wallpaper offcuts? 

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